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Reveal the choice of UV light solid machine skills

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  Shenzhen UV light solid vendors would reveal choose UV light solid machine skills

  Standard UV light solid machine is mainly composed of light source, ventilation, control, transfer and box body large pieces. The chunks of used materials,
accessories, and quality is reasonable, will determine the quality of the UV light solid machine, and performance.

A, light source,
  The light source is mainly composed of UV lamp, lamp, ballast, trigger, etc of parts.
  Our most UV light solid machine source is using high pressure mercury lamp, metal halogen lamp, gallium lamp, iron lamp, UV lamp with imports relatively less UV light solid machine at home, even in many foreign countries and China to create the UV lamp, the specific reason mainly is cost-effective, domestic lamp is much cheaper than imported lamp, from the relative point of view, the domestic price is higher. Many domestic manufacturer of UV lamp, life is generally between 600-1000 hours, my company's UV light solid machine USES is good quality steel tubes made of UV lamp, the use of each lamp time 1000 hours or more. At the same time I plant production of the lamp in the domestic market price is lower than the same lamp around 60%, which is our factory UV light solid machine and other equipment and the reasons for the lamp sales. When tubes using reaches a certain time, sankun UV light solid vendors would will remind you replace the lamp, when the lamp use longer than the original life, the light intensity can be weakened gradually, in order not to affect the normal production and curing quality, timely replacement lamp is a must.
  Chimney is made of aluminum, iron, stainless steel chimney without aluminum reflective effect is good, the chimney of material used in high temperature does not change color, and other materials can produce change color, after color no reflective effect not only, also can absorb UV light, UV light source cannot fully in need of radiation curing products above, so that the curing effect cannot achieve the best condition, choose good material contribute to the overall performance of the machine, make safety coefficient is higher. UV lamp ballast, capacitor should choose according to the UV lamp power, ensure the normal order of the tubes can be full power safety work, and won't burn out.
  Sankun technology after years of research in this aspect, the UV light solid machine more and is well received by the customer.

B, ventilation,
  Ventilation is mainly composed of fan, air duct, get together the wind shield and other parts.
The collocation of the fan is mainly based on the UV lamp power to decide the size and the enclosure, the size of the UV light solid machine and UV lamp quantity, power and fan collocation is inseparable, small power UV lamp if deserve to go up the power of the fan, will cause the power waste and the increased cost of machine, indirect enable customers to increase the purchase cost. Whereas high power UV lamp with a small power fan, can make UV light solid machine cannot very good heat dissipation, high temperature can make the parts damaged.
Recommend a tip temperature controller, UV light solid machine can use the test temperature controller to detect temperature, at the same time, also want to check the ventilation pipe material and connection are in good condition.

C, control,
  Control in three generations and UV light solid machine, for example, there are mainly, lights, switches, overload protection, leakage protection circuit fan motor insurance, insurance, current meter, light when tired, digital display temperature control instrument, UV lamp and a half power Settings, and so on. When buying should test sensitivity, at the same time to check the parts whether they are of good quality, colour, etc.

D, send
  The clearance is mainly composed of motor, inverter, mesh belt, chain, roller, etc.
Frequency converter, motor, mesh belt, chain, roller price and quality are different, should choose when buying parts of old brand is better, at the same time buy UV light solid machine should also choose professional manufacturer, specialized in technology research and development is still in production, to have greater price advantage, after-sales service and technical support will also be relatively better, science and technology of three generations and focus on UV ultraviolet curing products have 8 years of experience, has become one of the largest manufacturers in guangdong province.

E, housing
  UV light solid chassis appearance most manufacturers design is also more beautiful and practical, to determine whether a case can be observed in assaying the fineness of appearance, good LOGO printing, appearance whether there are other bad marks, have clearly marked on all kinds of switch, if there is no LOGO for the machine operators will there is a certain danger, other aspects above are talking about.
  Finally when buying UV light solid machine to complete the manufacturer shall deliver (conditional area), and then set up, and testing the power supply, lest there is no potential safety hazard, and require manufacturers to produce operating instructions and maintenance instructions, if you have related equipment can see UV machine operation matters needing attention, this article can only make the machine operation, maintain good live longer.

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