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Notes on the UV equipment use and maintenance

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                                                           Notes on the UV equipment use and maintenance

Be especially careful when using UV equipment

  1. The equipment should be put on the stable solid ground, except the desktop type UV machine, put well ventilated area, and is equipped with a dedicated exhaust channel
  2. The device makes the power cord, wire diameter should be suitable for power equipment needs, and the device should be 2 meters of configuration circuit breakers
  3. Equipment put area it is strictly prohibited to put flammable items
  4. Operating personnel and equipment around 2 meters of area, in equipment work, to be effective protection (goggles) to prevent ultraviolet light
  5. Assign operation equipment, and establish regular maintenance card, non-professional personnel prohibited or adjust the equipment internal circuit parameters (specific can consult the UV equipment installation and operation notice details).

The matters of attention in the UV equipment in use and maintenance

Used in UV printing equipment generally divided into independent and linkage of printing.
Independence is a separate operation, self-contained, had no operational effect on printing, generally used for docking with the printing press, has its own operating system, but relatively interlocking machine processing speed is slow.
Printing unit is integrated with the printing machine integration, put the UV lamps and lanterns to the printing color group or paper, interlocking machine can fully match the speed of the printing press, and printing quality stability are greatly increased. From the efficiency level, process more economical. But whether independent or linkage UV curing machine, their principle and basic structure is the same.

For the use of UV equipment and maintenance in general can be divided into three parts:

The UV lamp parts;
exhaust air or water cooling system;
electrical control system.

The above three most used methods and requirements to a certain extent, the next talk in detail.
1, UV lamp
  First time using UV curing machine, UV light boxes in the UV lamp is fragile.
  Installation for the first time to pay attention to: ethanol is wiped clean of tube before installation, then wear clean gloves took tubes. Install tube hole cloth mat insert tube, don't let the lamp touching the metal end plate. In place after the tubes, with the hand hold lamp placed in the booth to make a few times to see lamp is a free state. Let it ends for shot, there was a burst to prevent light phenomenon.
  If hand sweat or dirt sticking on the tube after high temperature carbonization lamps will sintering on quartz glass crystal, this will directly affect the curing effect, shorten the service life of the bulb.
  ube side with black color or black zone, come out from this belt irradiation of UV light intensity attenuation. Effect curing effect, so it can be from an Angle of tube, the transparent part of the down is still can continue to use, so that it can make the UV lamp to increase service life, reduce the cost. After use, lamps and lanterns in the dry or have the workshop also should often wipe with alcohol. Reflectors in the UV lamp (UV lamp shade) also is very critical, generally the reflectors of the inner surface according to the level of optical processing, use of also can stick on dirt make the rough surface, reduce the reflection efficiency, so the maintenance should also wipe light management system to the reflector to also want to clean up. After a period of time such as reflector has been unable to clean up, if active reflection lampshade, has to be replaced.
  Some reflective layer is within the lampshade lampshade surface with polishing machine can't replace, it must be removed to polishing oxide, or even replaced, otherwise will seriously affect the solidification effect. Some tubes in use after a period of time on both ends of the presence of black phenomenon and start is difficult, can't even light up, even if not to use life, also should be replaced immediately, this is typically tubes quality problems.
  General linkage the chimney of the UV curing equipment and printing machine is the shutter type, also is in the printing machine stamping and downtime can open and close in time when the chimney, avoid UV sunlight directly in the printer when printing machine downtime or paper, causes the damage of the printer and the occurrence of fire. So in the UV curing equipment with the shutter shade lamps should first check before chimney shutter, view check chimney shutter is working correctly.
  UV curing machine shutter drive electric (motor) and pneumatic transmission (cylinder) two kinds, the shutter relative to electric pneumatic, less failure rate can be convenient for manual test and quick judgment point of failure. Can manually after the without electricity through gas source of solenoid valve control cylinder manual button, chimney shutter manual open and close several times. If you have any fault to solve before open the UV lamp. Electric shutter will be some trouble, you must first access to electricity, which has certain security hidden danger, don't turn on the light to manually to shutter motor under the condition of electricity. Also want to make the chimney shutter work several times repeatedly, exclude hidden dangers in front of the normal work.

2, ventilation and cooling water circulation system
  Because the UV lamp is a high temperature and high luminosity, for the printing of fire prevention is an important problem, exhaust temperature drop of hot is very critical. So the exhaust cooling or water cooling for the UV lamp is indispensable.
  If the UV lamps and lanterns of cooling is not timely, light box temperature continues to rise, not handled in time, light burned lamps and lanterns, or can make the electrical short circuit, injury or fire.
  First said the wind cooling, UV light box is to use suction method sucked out heat from inside the box. But can't use hair drier, because of the cold wind blow to the UV lamp tube wall can solidify the mercury in the lamp or metal cause arcing. Fan to UV light box when the accident of suction duct in the factory, will be match fit, had better not have bend when installation, more can't have 90 degrees of detours, causing light box temperature rise, so will choke also fan exhaust pressure can be reduced percentage decades, its make the fan speed is reduced as a result, light box product hot burning lamps and lanterns, because the output power is not enough, even to fan burned.
  Fan export also to have certain requirements. If the outlet is not directly to the atmosphere (indoor or outdoor), but to the exhaust pipe, requested the pipeline is greater than the fan air volume, or total exhaust pipe not only can't afford to exhaust effect plays a role of choke instead, make the heat is not to go out. So after installation of ventilation in general not arbitrarily change.
  Although the water cooling is better than the wind cooling security, but can not be like the wind cooling is not restricted by space. Water cooling system of the components should also be a lot more than the wind cooling and costs will increase. The failure point accordingly. The temperature of the cooling water temperature control best at about 15 degrees, water flow also wants moderate, not too big. Often observe water with and without leakage, water penetration point, even machine is normal start, stop, there is normal voice and pump working condition.
  Found that exceptions are handled in time, otherwise problems will make UV lamps and lanterns. But these links can also be combined with control in the control functions, such as: light boxes, such as temperature controller, water flow switch, level switch components, which can effectively help us find fault in the work in time.
3, electric control system

UV equipment electrical control system of the headquarters of the electric control cabinet is a complete set of equipment, the inside of the transformer, capacitor etc are indispensable important component. And some of the UV lamp setting function switch is mostly in the electric control on the ark, so the maintenance and use kind of electrical control cabinet is the key.
  Electric control cabinet in the first place in a clean, less dust, temperature and humidity is moderate, must also have enough space cooling and maintenance. UV lamp luminous principle is gas discharge, gas lamps need high when to start and maintain
  The difficulty of voltage. UV lamp power is less than 1 KWH, are matched by ballast trigger light work. When the UV lamp power is greater than 2 KWH UV light working voltage required is higher, generally above 1000 volts. Electric control
  Ark don't open the door, want to have good grounding line. Electric control cabinet to UV light box attachment also with high pressure, is go underground wiring to dangling from the crowd or solid plate, to prevent leakage or long-term trample
  Short of danger. The high tension line inside the box also want to periodically check, to see whether the hidden danger of damage such as will have to deal with or replacement. Because of the high tension line short circuit has harm to the person not only, still can make the condenser breakdown, even lead to the transformer
Burn it down. And maintenance light box and the high tension line also must cut off power supply, prevent the happening of the accident.
  When using UV curing equipment do not frequently switch the UV lamp (specific reference technique to maintain the life of the UV lamp), temporarily shut down a half power way. So for tubes, transformers, thermostat, water temperature and the stop time in debugging good as far as possible don't change, had better have the specialist is responsible for, the continuity of the machine and the best performance is guaranteed.

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