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UV light solid machine equipment installation and operation

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UV light solid machine equipment installation, operation attention to detail

Details about the right way to install UV light solid machine and read the directions for use, not only can increase capacity, improve the work efficiency and reduce labor costs, reduce the safety risk, still can make UV light solid machine for longer service life.

  Introduce sankun UV light solid machine installation instructions:

 1. The correct access required for the power cord to a power supply (note that the power match, line whether can withstand, specific see UV light solid machine power in terms of size).

   2. Close the total button switch, power indicator light is lit, press the power button, the machine is in standby mode.
   3. The closed motor switch, mesh belt running, according to the product requirements to adjust speed control knob, please make the mesh belt speed is appropriate.
   4. The power supply after start-up such as long time don't turn on the light, the device will automatically cut off the switchboard power supply.
   5. Close the start immediately after the UV lamp UV lamp (do not perform this operation), not bright is a normal phenomenon, after cooling tubes can be light up.
   6. Changing a UV lamp, open the box, loose box screw securing the power cord, pull a light box for conversion.

Sankun UV machine operation notice:

 1. Whether the grounding line grounding is good.

   2. The fan operation is not normal, do not use, it shall immediately stop the equipment used, so as not to burn the UV lamp.
   3. When install or replace the UV lamp, cut and direct contact with the tubes with the hand, to prevent on the tube surface mole, influence the luminous efficiency, please wear clean gloves.
   4. Close the UV lamp to turn on the light, immediately after is a normal phenomenon, not light of tube to tube cooling rear can light up again.
   5. To prevent premature aging UV lamp, turn off the lights after not immediately cut off the total switch power supply, when the machine automatic shutdown and then cut off the total power supply (such as tube cooling and then shut down the cooling fan).
   6. When the roll in the process of turning slightly beats, please close screw tightening will drive roller at both ends.
   7. When a serious fault, please promptly notify the manufacturer or distributor, not open the case, so as to avoid unnecessary loss and accident.

Understand by 13 points on the UV equipment installation and operation points for attention, get better equipment use, sankun technology is a professional UV machine manufacturers, because the focus, so professional.