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UV light solid machine use more rest assured for 3 points

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  UV light solid machine use more rest assured for use at ordinary times 3 points

  At ordinary times in the using process of UV light solid machine, completes the three points, let you of the UV light solid machine steady and rapid and safe operation, sankun technology professional UV light solid factory house, a decent UV light solid machine for you in the work to the attention of the three main points:

1. The curing speed
  Curing speed from the two aspects to consider, it is fully cured; Second is the best cure speed cure.
Method is: the selection of optimal curing speed at a certain speed through UV curing machine first, and if the curing, to speed up, until by UV light solid machine out of the ink layer can't cure, then, will be able to determine the best curing speed, started not curing speed x 0.8 = best curing speed.

2. The UV lamp power
  The UV light source of radiation, which is also called penetration, must meet the requirements of the UV curing ink, if the UV lamp power is not enough, even if the illumination time longer, or repeat curing times, also can't make the ink completely cured. Due to the UV lamp industry rapid development, then adjust the frame for the industry USES is certainly great, even the UV is also a variety of point light source, function is very broad. So when the UV lamp power is not enough, we have to make through high-power lamp ink curing, it is because of the low power light UV light cannot penetrate to the bottom of the ink layer, make the bottom does not cure.

3. The adhesion test
  Up through UV light solid machine after cooling to room temperature, can be up to draw frame 6 x 6 mm, attention can only draw in ink film not damage, test with 3 m - 600 # tape adhesion, adhesion tests to see UV light solid machine problem. Three generations and technology advancing with The Times, blaze new trails, create first-class uv light solid machine products.

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