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UV machine operation and maintenance guide (printing factory

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UV machine operation and maintenance guide (for printing factory),

   A, instructions:

  Preparation: first of all open in the main control cabinet power master switch, and then in turn air-conditioner cooling water, ice, water pump, compressor work switch to "ON" archives, if the corresponding indicator, is working properly. At the same time, the computer display automatically boot into the interface.
Boot: after printing work ready, all status monitor is working correctly, such as the temperature of drainage, stop temperature, pressure, etc.; Open the case and examine each lamp shade. According to normal after, according to the actual situation to choose open UV chy-tech or required in electric cabinet choices directly on the dashboard. Machine started, circulating water automatically open, at this point, the picture shows that the pump has run operation. The UV lamp automatic heating water after normal, and the UV machine is started, ammeter pointer deflection; At the same time, the computer automatically detect whether open the lampshade.
  Normal printing: UV machine starts, based on the quantity selected printing ink UV lamp working condition. After printing machine or pressure, UV machine automatic output power adjustment is set by power.
  Shutdown: printing is complete, press the stop button when the UV lamp closed, cooling water continued to circulation and cooling for about 15 minutes, the water pump and fan shut automatically. Sure no longer printing UV products right now, shut down in the main control cabinet power master switch, a complete set of UV system stop working.

  B, maintenance and matters needing attention:
  Lamp use after a period of time need to change (general provisions for 300 hours), to ensure the stability of curing of UV ink. (tubes in the event of a problem, the current monitoring operation > < screen instructions at the same time also reduce.)
Alarm: when occurrence problem of cooling circulating water, the machine appear alarm at the same time, if the police failed to rule out more than 20 seconds fault monitoring > < the picture appear fault, UV lamp automatically shut down, should stop check the cooling system at this time, after waiting for troubleshooting to restart.
  In a timely manner to check the refrigerator inside the water tank water level and water table work (keep checking twice per week), can add water not enough in time, to ensure the normal water level. Water with copper cooling water tank advisable (round robin cold water should be used in special cooling water).
To prolong the service life of tubes, save electricity, to ensure safety in production at the same time, the midway stop (or pressure) from more than 20 minutes, when the UV lamp should be closed.
  In order to ensure the purity of cooling water, prevent due to accumulated dust hazard the circuit, should be regularly dust (dust collection at least once a month, completely replace the circulating water once half a year).
  With gasoline car wash or wipe rubber cloth, plate, UV lights must be turned off, not very will prevent petrol dripping on the UV lamp shade of higher temperature and endanger personal safety.
  The surface of the lamps and lanterns reflective ytterbium or contamination on the surface of the UV lamp to cause a decline in reflectivity and focus rate, affected the rate of UV curable dry. Therefore, often should use alcohol or acetone swab carefully, guarantee the lamp, mirror surface clean.
  When every two revolving a class maintenance, must clean chimney joint.

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