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Offset printing machine equipped with UV system steps

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Offset printing machine equipped with UV system steps
For ordinary offset press UV renovation, science and technology of sankun  and six key steps to offset press reform are as follows:
A. add UV curing device
Add the UV curing light source is commonly metal halogen lamp, or high pressure mercury lamp. Note the following:
  1) install the reflector
If not install reflector, there will be about 80% of UV light because of diffuse and is unable to be printed on the surface, so the UV lamp must install the lamp shade, so that UV light reflection and gathered in the printing surface. At the same time, also need to clean and maintain reflector at any time, paper powder or powder if attached on the reflector, can affect the UV light reflection effect. If you don't use the UV lamp for a long time, also should be the UV lamp shade shut, to prevent the dust.
  2) choose high-performance energy control device
Sankun science and technology of the device's main function is to ensure that the UV light emitted by the UV energy stability, to maintain the curing efficiency and stability, and can meet the needs of the different printing speed.
  3) the cooling device should not be ignored
With the performance of the UV curing device that corresponds to the cooling device meets the requirements. Performance, the better, the less substrates is heated, the smaller the deformation also, better for printing and alignment.
B. to replace the ink roll and rubber cloth
  UV offset printing ink because of its strong corrosive, may cause the common printing ink roll and rubber cloth, influence the stability of the printing pressure, serious when, also produces peeling or surface rupture. So the UV offset printing requirement for rubber roller and rubber cloth is extremely high, the choice of ink roll and rubber cloth must be adapted to the UV offset printing ink. Note the following:
  1. The ink roller
Special needs for UV ink roller or combination. Usually made from EPDM rubber or silicone rubber roller, is best in shore hardness more than 40 degrees.
  2. The rubber cloth
  Special need for UV or combination of rubber cloth. Can choose the following two kinds of rubber cloth.
UV special rubber cloth, rubber cloth to add resistance to UV resin mixture composition, can be resistant to UV light, not easy pulverization rubber cloth.
UV adhesive type rubber cloth, rubber surface with UV resin, used in UV printing, to prolong service life.
  3. Replace the diao paper teeth