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How do I select the glazing coating UV light curing machine?

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  In the use of UV light curing machine selection principle of glazing coating is?
  In the use of UV light solid machine, the choice of glazing coating must conform to the basic principles of scientific, economic and practical.
   1. The science is refers to pay attention to the glazing coating is in line with the print gloss and the physical and chemical properties in use. For example: books, album cover or jacket, requires not only transparent glaze, and better abrasion resistance, folding resistance; Food packaging glazing coating, request must first be non-toxic, and should have certain moistureproof, anticorrosive performance; All kinds of packaging carton glazing coating, high chemical stability, not due to put the environment color, yellow, or because of stacked sticks a wait for a phenomenon.
  2. The rule of economy: refers to the choosing glazing oil, must be gloss oil with print, avoid to use high-grade glazing oil processing, low class in print. For example: high-grade print polishing processing, can choose a better quality of the high cost, calender, UV light curing, or with acrylic resin as the main agent of solvent-based glazing oil; On the contrary, if the print is textbooks and other commodities, the appropriate chooses cost is moderate, the quality can meet the processing requirements of the general solvent oil polish is advisable.
  3. The practical principle: refers to the glazing oil of choice to match the polishing equipment, such as: solvent oil polish only practical with ordinary glazing machine, UV light curing machine polishing oil, must be used in UV light curing machine; Alcohol soluble or water soluble oil polish, polishing machine must satisfy the requirement of the glazing oil dry. Also consider both to save work material, and is suitable for mechanized production, try to reduce production cost, less investment, more output.

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