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The failure in the process of UV curing machine is in use

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            The UV curing machine in the process of using the possibility of failure have?
  UV curing machines in use process will happen some faults, it is possible to these failures caused by improper operation, it is possible that the UV curing machine of the aging line, transformer, UV lamp and fan main components aging damage caused. Its a fault is mainly embodied in the following:
  1,UV lamp heat is not enough, lack of brightness: reason may make the UV lamp has been aging, does not produce enough heat. Recommend replacing the UV ultraviolet lamp.
  2. UV lights are turned off and the UV curing machine cannot automatically shut down, the reason may be a delay timer damaged, suggest changing decelerator.
  3. The drum of the UV curing machine in operation are different: reason may be that the bearing damaged, should be timely replacement of the bearing.
  4. The firmness on both sides of the mesh belt is not uniform, caused the mesh belt running deviation. Should be in a timely manner to adjust the mesh belt firmness, is on both sides of the consistent firmness.
  5. The UV lamp in the process of operation can't light up or explosion: the reason may be that the UV lamp aging, ventilation is not enough, the voltage is too low. Recommend replacing the UV lamp, strengthening ventilation and increasing voltage.
  6. The temperature of the transformer is too high: the reason may be that the power supply voltage is too high or not enough ventilation. Should reduce the UV curing machine input voltage, cleaning the machine around the blockage to strengthen ventilated.

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