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The life of the roller coating machine

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Roller coating machine using UV glazing coating should be attention to the problem of life?
On a roller coating machine using UV glazing coating should pay attention to the points:
  1. Roll coater illuminant: illuminate light source generally adopt high pressure mercury lamp or metal halide lamp, high-pressure mercury lamp output power generally is 80 ~ 80 w to ensure that UV coating curing speed is less than 0.5 s.
  2. The UV printing ink: need to pay attention to the combination of UV paint and ink, put a layer of glue when necessary.
  3. Paper: UV coating is not fit for easy penetration of paper processing, because the UV coating of low molecular material easy to infiltrate into paper, caused the paper to darken, even soaked. This kind of circumstance only on both sides of the paper used the UV light irradiation, is likely to make its cure completely. In order to prevent seepage phenomenon, can be coated with UV coating outside the material first bottom, in order to avoid coating permeability in the time of UV coating.
  4 . Drive protection: UV glazing oil can irritate the skin, and do not play, attached on skin, clothing, under the condition of high temperature in summer could penetrate into skin with sweat cause inflammation. Therefore, if the skin is stained with UV glazing oil, should be cleaned with soap and water and change clothes in time as soon as possible.