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How to maintain tunnel furnace?

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Also called infrared tunnel furnace, tunnel furnace to maintain long-term stability of the tunnel furnace operation, the tunnel furnace must be kept in line maintenance. To ensure the normal use of the tunnel furnace.
  1, tunnel furnace daily need maintenance: 1 daily to clean the surface and inner cavity of the tunnel furnace dust again, keep the body clean; 2 the tunnel furnace inspection personnel responsibility system, the implementation mechanism of one method of tunnel furnace into the line to check daily. 3 daily before use to check if there's any loose for tunnel furnace parts; 4 check whether normal temperature in use process; 5 to check if motor operates normally, if there are different. Six tunnel kiln using longest had better not more than 12 hours a day, if you want to build more than will suspend operation 1 hour to boot operation.
  2, tunnel furnace monthly maintenance: 1 check whether there is a vent deposit a month, if you have to clean up in time; 2 a month to a drive chain, in keeping with the drive chain lubrication; 3 month to check if a tunnel furnace line aging, heat pipes to whether have damage, if any should be timely repair; 4 to check whether normal, motor speed control is accurate, current is normal; 5 check the temperature controller is accurate, such as inaccurate, static compensation is to adjust the temperature controller or sensor is revised.

  3, the tunnel furnace annual maintenance: 1 check whether the transmission shaft, wheel is loose, whether the two sprockets vertical; 2 mesh belt looseness is appropriate; 3 motor gearbox to come on; 4 check tunnel furnace switch and circuit for aging.