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Use roller coating machine coated after failure

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  1. The coating is thin film laminating machine after coating, composite with print. A variety of reasons cause there will be some gap between paper and paper, not completely cured Manila fluid residues in rubber roller surface. After bridging gaps in paper is larger, the effect of print will because of the remaining bonding on film in the big rubber roller under the action of the rotation of the reverse are into the roller coating machine, causing some quality accidents.
  2. The gap between paper and paper is bigger, also can bring inconvenience to the next working procedure.
  3. In order to avoid the above failure, can be in hot pressing composite parts, install a talc powder compact. Below is a sponge do talcum powder storage tank, the above is a rotating roller. When coated printing finished products from the above, through the, can drive roller rotation at the same time. Be full of anilox the rotation of the roll will be constantly out of talc powder from the storage tank, automatic evenly coated in coated printed on the back of the lower paper gap between film adhesive on the viscosity, avoid the possibility of binding, convenient cutting film, the operation of the cutting process. Fine particles and talcum powder to jam in paper wool stoma, slow down the paper to absorb moisture in the air, reduce the effect of the possibility of a final paper curl deformation.