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Some way to prolong the service life of the UV lamp

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The UV lamp in use process should be how to prolong the service life? Here are several ways to extend the service life of the UV lamp.
  1. The installation of UV lamp, in order to prolong the service life of the UV lamp, the installation process must careful, should strictly installation instructions to install, installation personnel in the installation, should put on the gloves, don't stains on the surface of tubes or fingerprints. Before installation should use alcohol to wipe clean the surface of tube. In addition, in the process of installation must pay attention to the lamp don't touch the edge of the metal hard objects. During the running of the machine, the quantity of heat of UV lamp could make the reflector, shorten or bent, so when installing a UV lamp can't too close to the change of the reflector affect the light tube, eventually lead to the collapse of the UV lamp.
  2. Don't start off UV lamp switch frequently, when just lit a lamp in the internal voltage is very low, make tungsten on both ends of the electrodes in this period of time, can make produce more dot contamination caused tube inside the tubes broken. So, should be under the condition of high temperature light, so as to shorten light time. Frequent light UV lamp will turn black on both ends of the tube, then will eventually lead to tube theme will be black. Eventually results in the decrease of UV lamp power output.
  3. Regularly check the reflector and the cooling system: in order to keep the UV lamp and the maximum power of the machine, shall regularly check the reflector surface of the machine for dirt, whether deformation, such as deformation should be replaced. Check whether the filter is blocked, if be blocked immediately to clean up, otherwise it will stop the wind flow and reduce the cooling effect, to check whether there is debris on the fan blade, if it does, it should be clear in time, too much debris can block the flow and reduce the cooling effect of the wind.