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The use of UV curing machine?

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1. The UV curing machine tube maintenance:
A. in the process of curing machine use, the service life of the UV lamp is about 1000 hours or so, need to check the usage, often found lamp aging should be replaced immediately.
B. in the process of the use of UV lamp, not a month to clean the surface of the tubes, with anhydrous ethanol surface of tube and reflector surface clean. If lose specular reflection lampshade effect should be replaced immediately.

2. UV curing light switch:
A. turn on the light, don't open the all the lights at the same time, should be in order, open a every minute or so.
B. turn off the lights, fans should continue to operate for a period of time, stay tubes after cooling fan.
C. after turn off the lights, if you need to start again the UV lamp, UV curing machine must wait for the lamp to cool completely before again open.

3. The UV curing machine speed regulation:
A. choose the best speed, the product with a certain speed through curing device first, if the solidification, the acceleration, until through curing device products just can't completely curing a check, it is to choose the speed of 0.8 is the best speed.
B. in addition to pay attention to the use time of UV light curing machine, with UV lamp using the extension of time, energy attenuation and speed will adjust accordingly.

4. The capacitor and transformer:
A. capacitance after use, when maintenance is required, so be sure to discharge, otherwise it may power cuts.
B. transformer into line, want to choose according to the scene of the voltage.

5. Note that the UV curing machine don't be put into use immediately after turn on the light, to make the lamp has certain preheating time, if it is summer at high temperature, preheat time could be shorter, during the winter, the preheating time should be longer, about 3 minutes.