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Use of UV glazing oil several common faults and solution

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UV roller coating machine using UV glazing oil several common faults and solution
In the use of roller coating machine, UV glazing with operation are often faced with several problems:

A. Dry, light curing not thorough, the surface sticky, residual smells great.
The main reason is:
1 uv lamp aging;
2 uv glazing oil storage time is too long;
3 strengthening curing before drying, improper ventilation.
The solution is: change tubes; Shorten the glazing oil storage time; Strengthen ventilated.

B. The gloss is not good, not enough brightness.
The main reason is:
1 uv glazing oil viscosity is too small, coating is too thin.
2 the reactive solvent such as ethanol diluted too much;
3 paper thick, absorbent is too strong;
4 anilox roll is too thin, oil supply quantity is too small;
5 uneven coating;
The solution is: according to the different situation of TuPin, appropriate to improve the UV glazing oil viscosity and the amount of coating, the permeation strong absorbent paper to coating a layer of glue.

C. UV glazing oil thickening, there is phenomenon of gel.
The main reason is:
1 the uv glazing oil storage time is too long;
2 failed to completely avoid light storage;
3 storage temperature on the high side.
The solution is: UV glazing oil should strictly avoid light storage, storage temperature is 5 ~ 25 degrees.

D. Print surface, adhesion on hair flower, painting is not bad.
The main reason is:
More than 1 ink surface containing viscous materials;
2 auxiliary material in the printing ink is not appropriate;
3 light curing conditions are not appropriate.
Solution is: used ink printing process requirements used to meet the requirements for the polishing, and, when necessary, can be replaced by glue or special UV glazing oil to solve.

E. Uneven surface coated with stripes and orange peel phenomenon.
The main reason is: UV glazing oil viscosity is too high, not good flowing property.
Solution is to: reduce gloss oil viscosity, reduce the coating weight, also can be added a small amount of flow ping agent.

F. UV glazing coating with white spots and pinhole.
The main reason is:
1 coating is too thin, net is too thin;
2 the reactive diluents add too much;
3 print surface dust too much.
The solution is: and print surface should be kept clean production environment, increase the coating thickness, also can be added a small amount of smoothing agent, dilute the active diluents for the best use.