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UV light solid machine, UV ultraviolet equipment

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UV light solid machine, UV ultraviolet equipment of four characteristics
  Compared with the traditional drying curing equipment, UV light solid machine has obvious advantages, not only fast drying speed, and make coating products more beautiful.
  1. The quick drying: the traditional hot air drying method must have a drying chamber, drying chamber structure materials will ensure adiabatic, operating more troublesome, drying speed is slow. And UV light solid machine can instantly dry coating products, greatly shortened the time of coating process.
  2. Dry function is widespread, is suitable for drying all kinds of coating industry, such as: wood, plywood industry, furniture industry, steel industry, building materials industry, glass industry, leather industry, etc.
  3. Match in coating machine use: can be connected directly to drum or sprinkle the episodic coating machine, easy to use, the coating product can be directly after drying, shortened the working time and to waive the handling.
  4. Use after UV light solid machine dry coating, not only improve the surface hardness, and the color is more bright.

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