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UV lamp use some matters that should be paid attention to

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1, uv lamp, there is a requirement for direction for wiring should pay attention to the direction is correct, otherwise it will cause damage to the tubes, the lamp life cut short or tube surface overheating phenomenon.
2, do not touch the ultraviolet uv lamp directly, lest cause scratches and damage, led lamp life cut short.
3, avoid ultraviolet ray direct illuminate to skin, otherwise it will cause skin damage.
4, light bulb, or just extinguish tubes do not touch directly, lest cause burns.
5, pay attention to apply in a well-ventilated space, in order to avoid surface ozone, the respiratory system have great harm to human body.
6, do not frequently switch the UV lamp switch, because every time they switch on lamp consumption and shorter service life of led lamp.
7, the pressure inside the tubes is very big, so don't have outside forces, such as collision, scratching damage the tubes.
8, avoid used where there is inflammable, explosive, otherwise it will cause fire or explosion.
9, uv lamp don't directly in the process of light to see with the naked eye, otherwise it will cause eyes sting or decreased vision.
10, install or replace uv lamp, clean the light bulb must turn off the power supply, otherwise easy to cause electric shock.
11, after turn off UV lamp switch at least 10 minutes later to restart or turn on the lamp shade, otherwise it will lead to tube damage or burn.
12, when a cooling adverse conditions to malfunction in time can continue to use, otherwise it will seriously affect the service life of the uv lamp.

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