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LEDUV light face features compared with traditional UV lamp

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       Traditional way of UV lamp, high power light radiating surface is small, which USES a large number of radiator also cannot fast heat everywhere, so the light decay quickly. The LED light face the same power radiating surface dozens of times larger than the UV - LED point light source! The cooling effect is good. Life can reach 25000-25000 hours. Life is not affected by the number of open and close, use cable output, the relative than traditional LAMP exposure machine, frequent replacement LAMP, high power consumption power, still need UV output before, leds - UV can reduce the cost of technological equipment, for you provide the equipment utilization rate.
      LED light-emitting devices peaks at 365 nm, the spectral distribution of 360 nm to 370 nm, no infrared light, so the surface of the product by illuminate without the ascension of temperature, and the traditional LAMP type ultraviolet light machine will typically be illuminate product surface rises 60 = 90 degrees, make the product positioning of offshoring, bad product.
      Many LED point uniform distribution, multiple sets of professional lens group, as to optimize the design of uv irradiation exposure uniformity, good edge and center the illuminate of strength change of no more than 3%, good consistency, the mercury lamp.
     Light output stability, light is stronger, more energy, better uniformity, moment light, can achieve 100% power output, uv irradiation intensity of up to 1200 mw/cm2, effective luminous efficiency is more than 10 times of mercury lamp, improve the working efficiency.
According to the demand of users customize the shape of the light emitting area, size.
     LED - the UV light source when used without preheating of the tubes, do not contain toxic mercury, compared with the traditional LAMP irradiation machine power consumption hundreds of watts, even on the kw, when used to preheat for more than 10 minutes, tubes and mercury containing toxic substance. LED - the UV light source is to replace the traditional light source technology a safer, more environmentally friendly choice, more in line with the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection.
     LED - the volume of the UV controller is about 1/8 of the traditional LAMP irradiation machine volume, the installation of equipment is more simple, reduce the occupied area of the scene of the production site. Irradiation head fully considering the space requirements of precision production, make the installation more convenient, also XiaoZhao head adopts the design of fan cooling, full guarantee LED long time exposure energy stability and service life.

UV - LED light face USES:
Large area of curing
Mobile phone shell coating curing
Wires, optical fiber coating uv curing coatings
Inkjet printing
Catalytic materials irradiation
Biological experiment
High-grade furniture UV paint curing.