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The characteristics and advantages of offset printing UV ink

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  General use tablet printer's friends should know, UV ink in the printing process plays an important role, even decided to printing quality.
  The UV printing ink can be roughly divided into two categories: the UV printing ink and UV ink printed circuit board. Now, for UV printing ink in offset printing, letterpress printing industry (including flexible printing), gravure printing, screen printing and ink-jet printing different, but the UV ink printed circuit board is mainly suitable for printed circuit boards in electronic industry.
  Offset printing UV ink
  Offset printing in general is to use UV ink, can remove powder, is advantageous to the printing environment clean, etc., and avoided because powder and the trouble caused by finishing, such as the effect of polishing, etc, and also the processing that can be wired.
  UV ink, of course, also can prevent the ink crust, solved the problem of the offset press down when, at the same time also can improve the speed of drying.   Especially in packaging and printing, often need to print a large area of the ground, so it requires a relatively high density, and therefore have to increase the amount of inking. At this time, the problem of ink drying becomes the importance of abnormal, also tend to affect printing production efficiency because of the ink is not easy to dry. And use the UV printing ink, this problem is easily solved!

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