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The service life of the UV lamp

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   The service life of the UV lamp is to radiation attenuation of UV lamp to standard.

It should be noted that the service life of the UV lamp to deadline is not representative can't continue to use, only refers to the UV lamp in the same energy input and the intensity of ultraviolet lamp tube is not available, which means ultraviolet lamp tube low output power, energy loss.
In practical application to the international standard general can usually use time, low power density of the tubes, power density of 40 ~ 80 w/cm, service life of more than 1000 h, the industry is over the national standard of "product for 2000 h. UV lamp with high power density, power density is more than 80 w/cm, the service life of 600 ~ 800 h.

  Curing is a standard, but want to consider the overall cost, after all, if extended dry curing time, will reduce the efficiency.

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