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The UV drying equipment selection and application

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      First:The UV drying equipment selection and application
      Many types of printed after drying equipment, whether it be ice, frosted, or wrinkle, refraction, foaming, drops, can provide you with the most suitable UV equipment, in order to meet your most satisfied curing, drying effect.
  1. If you need to dry goods for cylindrical objects or plastic round bottle, should choose the bottle light solid equipment, this equipment is used in a 250/420 wavelength ultraviolet high power, let it produces chemical crosslinking reflect to ink, so as to achieve high standards of the printing effect. Adopt infinitely adjustable-speed control, to speed up or slow down transmission speed, can achieve satisfactory result of drying.
  2. When used for business CARDS, DVDS and other small objects of curing, can choose UV500w/II, UV2kw/II small desktop light solid equipment. The device according to the standard 80 w/CM2 design, not only small volume, beautiful appearance, advanced and reasonable, and the price is low, curing speed can be up to 15 m/min, the effect is very good.
  3. IR infrared drying tunnel series, can put all the need for thermal curing ink under the radiation of far infrared curing effect in a very short time. Also equipped with printing machine, exposure machine, adhesive machine dryers and fully functional energy-saving UV equipment, can choose according to the type of UV ink matching UV drying equipment.

     Second. Operation and operation of drying equipment
     According to UV light curing mechanism of UV ink, using ultraviolet light, infrared and wrinkle three light source control system, can meet the need of any UV ink curing, the applicable scope is extremely broad. Transmission network using infinitely adjustable-speed control, can transmit speed according to set the best curing effect. In the process of actual operation, running, according to different types of UV ink performance, feature selection, open to match the UV light source.
    1. If the required solid, dry ink for UV light frosted and refraction ink, you can open the discharging mouth of 5 kw UV light, and increase the adhesion; Can also according to the health class open box before 1, 2, uv lamp, avoid direct light leaked out, and avoid the damage to the eyes, also can open the lamp all, according to the production situation adjust the conveyor speed, set the required temperature.
    2. If the required light solid, dry ink for UV ink wrinkles, can open the inlet guide knit lamp switch and discharging place 5 kw curing light, this design can extend the wrinkle distance, improve the effect of lead knit, then through a discharge of high-pressure mercury lamp light, dry curing.
    3. If the required light solid, dry ink for UV ice ink, two need to open the infrared, ultraviolet light source. 25 to 35 seconds ink by the infrared illumination, ultraviolet ray radiation after 10 to 20 seconds, instantly show the appearance effect. Ink can be completely cured.
    Curing process, the user can set the required temperature according to the solidification conditions, adjust the transmission speed, through the switch efficiency, adjust the lamp working strength, adjust the chimney height, select the number of open lamp, in order to achieve high efficiency, light curing the best working state with good effect, improve production efficiency and saves the energy.