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The advantages and disadvantages of the UV curing machine

时间:2016-04-14 10:00来源:sankun点击:
As the production of UV light oil industry is increasing, the scale is also more and more big, the quality is also fell, some manufacturers of UV curing machine is only suitable for cigarette packaging printing UV light oil.
      After a long time the use of the analysis, the following is the comparison of advantages disadvantages
      Prevent mist effect. The most main, not only understood as a dry residue and water.
      Peculiar smell and residual. This is two factors, the low odor to ensure drying in the production, will not affect the health of the operator. The peculiar smell of the remaining after the production, product can meet the requirements of product quality inspection.
      The brightness of the light oil. Brightness of light oil is moderate, too cold or no light can cause bad effects to the other
      Printing adaptability. Each printing enterprise processes, equipment, process, is likely to be the same, but each in the actual production, can not use another the same equipment and processes, will only make your light oil to adapt to the enterprise.
      Good sales service, in the proofing, supplier quality, delivery speed, technical support and sales price is better than other manufacturers.