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UV light curing process

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  The development direction of modern semiconductor material for the large size, high precision, high efficiency and low cost, etc., this is the traditional semiconductor hard brittle materials processing tools proposed the new challenge. In this paper, on the basis of studying the UV curing light abrasive, UV light curing resin as diamond wire saw binder for the technical goal, the material properties, bonding strength and coating curing process and the processing performance, etc., for uv-curable diamond wire saw manufacturing technology was studied.
  UV light curing jigsaw resin binder was studied mechanical and physical performance. According to the wire sawing processing conditions on the properties of binder technical requirements, proposed the uv-curable jigsaw resin binder materials performance principles of choice. Through light cure resin, according to this principle, mechanical and physical performance test experiment and comprehensive evaluation, determined the conform to the requirements of the uv-curable wire saw manufacturing technology of light-cured resin variety types.
  Core material and the interface bonding performance is studied. Analyzed the jigsaw actual work on the properties of strength of materials technical requirements, determine the curing light wire saw conductor materials and types. According to different material properties, metal wire and nonmetallic core experiments respectively improve the UV light-cured resin was studied and the core interface bonding strength of surface treatment measures and process conditions.
  Diamond is studied in combination with the retention mechanism. Established UV light-cured resin for diamond machinery package with mechanics model and the characterization of resin coating diamond-impregnated ability of stretching method experimental evaluation model. Based on the theory of adhesive, experimental research on raising the light curing diamond wire saw package with retention capacity.
  Jigsaw coating is studied with UV light curing process. According to the manufacturing process characteristics of UV light curing jigsaw, formulate the UV light curing jigsaw manufacturing process flow, wire saw coating curing machine was developed, and wire saw light curing coating and curing process of quality control was studied.
  UV light curing wire saw the wear failure mechanism is studied and the processing performance. Based on the analysis of UV light curing jigsaw wear and failure modes, on the basis of research on the influence factors and mechanism of the wear failure, and established the UV light curing jigsaw machining performance evaluation method. Light curing resin modified monomers and nonmetallic core pre tensioning technique to improve the performance of wire saw has carried on the experimental study, and the UV light curing jigsaw and commercialization of electroplating wire saw the processing performance comparison and evaluation.