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The use of UV curing lights and maintenance

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  UV curing machine is a kind of good quality of curing equipment, used in UV curing process, the proper use of light switch is especially important. So faith is below for your specific introduction in the uv curing machine lamp switch method.
  First of all, from the use of UV curing machine lamp switch is introduced. Turn on the light turn on the light should be progressive, each lamp interval 1 minute or so, don't open at the same time; To turn off the lights shall take the fan continues to run after a period of time, straight to the cooling tubes; After turn off the lights if you want to secondary starting, be sure to wait to cool completely before starting the tubes, or in the case of tube surface temperature high is starting up. Don't put into production immediately after turn on the light, want to have a lamp preheating time, summer at high temperature, preheat time is short; Winter low temperature, preheat time longer, preheat time is 2-3 minutes. If UV device has a weak light, should be the strong light file starting turn on the light, so that we can shorten the lamp preheating time, if the production need to weak light, can be at the end of the preheat to weak light. Then there is the UV light curing machine maintenance. UV light curing machine service life of lamp is one of the biggest general is 800-1000 hours, after reaching life namely should be replaced; UV lamp use period, at the appropriate time with anhydrous ethanol, gauze cleaning tube surface and reflection on the surface of the reflector plate, then UV lamp rotate 180 ° chimney baffle lost after the mirror effect has to be replaced.
  The correct use of the UV curing machine, pay particular attention to proper use and maintenance of the UV lamp, in order to better ensure the work efficiency of the UV curing machine.