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The working principle of the UV lamp shade

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  Generally speaking, the type of uv reflector has focus,the focus and more reflective surface,and can see the general type is the focus.The structure characteristics of the reflector is the concentrated reflection of the UV light energy, light curing of high efficiency, is beneficial to ink layer thick ink curing, can make the ink of the deep completely cured. In this regard should be paid attention to the material and shape of the reflector.

  First,the reflector material:
  Attention will be given to selection of aluminum material, and does not choose iron or stainless steel, in order to save costs because the stainless steel plate at high temperature becomes black, black after not reflective effect, still can absorb light. Reflective effect is best mirror aluminum oxide, the reflectivity can reach more than 80%, thus greatly improve the utilization rate of ultraviolet light. So when the choice must pay attention to the value of the uv lamp shade material.

  Second,Reflector is an important channel of the UV lamp heat dissipation, so to cover the outside of the processed into aluminum radiator, increase the cooling area.
  Reflector in UV curing device plays a very important role. The shape of the shape of the reflector is guaranteed to UV light together, so choose a half arc shape of the best. Also note that the UV lamp erect position, in order to make sure it in focus. These details are aimed at reducing the UV lamp production of energy waste in the work.
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