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Purpose and scope of use of the uv lamp

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Purpose and scope of use of the Uv lamp

First, the product features

 UV lamp for gas discharge, the discharge lamp is divided into arc discharge and glow discharge, is commonly used in UV curing UV lamp for arc discharge lamp, its working principle is: the join in the quartz tube of vacuum quantitative of high purity mercury (mercury), providing the voltage difference on both ends of the electrode (pressure drop), discharge produced ions, produced by UV radiation.Low pressure uv lamp is mainly used for sterilization, the sterilization lamp uv - B also is mainly used for uv test, medical treatment, etc.

Second、product use
  Metal halide lamp in contain mercury and argon mercury uv lamp on the basis of adding iron blending, potassium blending blending or other rare earth metal elements. Mixed iron halogen lamp especially enhanced 380 hm as the highest peaks. Mainly applied to printing ink, paint curing, wet film and dry film, green solder resist exposure. In screen printing and curing with color, especially in thicker coating products and dry white, black has a prominent effect.

Third、product scope
  Following from spraying spraying aspects: general, cosmetics case, MP3 small home appliance such as plastic spraying, mostly in a company.
  Five printing: silk screen printing, offset printing, color printing is mostly used. Such as U disk, CD, such as using uv glue, in the disc printing, also use uv screen printing ink, in silk screen printing, mostly using uv ink to printing. With a quick drying, good adhesion, various performance standards (adhesion, friction resistance, etc.).
Shoes, sole is to use ultraviolet radiation material, make its produce chemical reaction, make the adhesive glue with good affinity with soles and uppers. Shoes, suitable for the breakthrough, the uv glue for plastic glue, like hospital infusion tubes of adhesive. Production of high-grade sneakers company commonly, can use, operating the industry, based on the technology.
Coating on the surface of the wood: just because the uv coating (light oil, etc.) with good performance all aspects, such as friction resistance, alkali resistance, weather resistance, etc., after uv coating, can make such as floor surface luster gorgeous feeling. Wood coating, mostly use the tube length is longer, more powerful.
PCB, LCD, PCB circuit board is uv lamp used in printed circuit board Generally use the METAL (METAL halogen lamp), another kind is the exposure lamp also belong to METAL halogen PCB, exposure to developing, commonly used in circuit board company. Is the LCD display, low pressure is commonly used in cold uv lamp and curing lamp is different, but belong to uv light, is not the same as the purpose.
  Automatic uv coating line: pretreatment is adopted, using electrostatic dust gun, or handled by electrostatic dust removal rod, which is often said, corona treatment, because of the plastic, plastic material, its surface tension is very poor, after corona treatment, the surface of the surface tension increased, so as to strengthen the substrate and the affinity of uv coating, it will have a better curing effect, if isn't doing a good pretreatment, product adhesion also can appear problem, a lot of is not the cause of the light tube, but the equipment or operation process, and uv coating or printing ink, also has a lot to do.

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