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Sankun small UV curing machine

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The UV curing machine functions and features:

    The UV curing machine is using UV light source to the UV curing ink devices. The UV light source wavelength range is very wide.

  1, multi-angle, one-time drying curing surface product structure, integrating baking flow leveling and UV drying, energy saving, greatly improve production efficiency and economic benefits;
  2, the close structure,; Bird flu countries [[pointed [hard. To use services. According to objects of different sizes and materials, to adopt the strength, can adjust the belt speed and the UV lamp and for the object distance, in order to improve the effect of object light solid;
  3, the upper fuselage with convulsions system, can the heat removal within the light solid room at any time, in order to prolong the use of tubes;
  4, this machine has beautiful appearance, widely applicable, light solid effect is good, quality is reliable, the use of safe and convenient operation etc.
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