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UV machine reflector material and shape of the choice

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  For a design more reasonable UV light curing equipment, if it wants to achieve good curing effect, there is a large extent, is inseparable from our reflector light. Our common reflector mainly include: focus, the focus and more reflective surface.

  And we often use are generally focus model, because the structure characteristics of the reflector is the reflection of the UV light energy concentration, curing light with high efficiency, is beneficial to ink layer thick ink curing, can make the ink of the deep cured completely, particularly suitable for some light curing UV ink printing.

Reflector is a key component of the uv curing machine, the effect is a concentrated reflection of the uv light energy, improve the efficiency of the curing light, strengthen the ink curing ink layer thick. So we need to pay attention when selecting a reflector?

  Here give you a simple introduce the material selection and shape of the reflector under some matters needing attention:
  First of all, the shape of the uv curing machine the shape of the reflector is as half arc for the best, so that we can guarantee to the uv light together. Here at the same time also pay attention to the position of the erecting of uv lamp, in order to make sure it in focus. In addition, the reflector is an important channel of the uv lamp cooling, therefore to the outer edge of the reflector is processed into the radiator, increase the cooling area, so reflector in uv curing device plays a very important role.
 Second, the selection of the uv curing machine must choose aluminous material, and does not choose iron or stainless steel, in order to save costs because the stainless steel plate at high temperature becomes black, black after not reflective effect, still can absorb light. Reflective effect is best mirror aluminum oxide, the reflectivity can reach more than 80%, thus greatly improve the utilization rate of ultraviolet light.

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