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UV light curing machine cooling system is introduced

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  UV light curing machine cooling system is introduced
  UV light curing machine in the cooling system is divided into water and air cooling:
  1. The water it is the water in the UV lamp box, UV curing at low temperature by UV ultraviolet lamp's heat, through the thermal control temperature control system. When the temperature reaches a certain height, hot water will flow back to make cooling machine, cooling machine to reduce the high temperature, then back into the UV lamp box, inside the cooling than wind cooling effect is good, if deserve to go up again cold UV light, then the cooling effect will be better. It is suitable for mass production product line. Also suitable for high temperature requirements of products, such as those of substrates is sensitive to heat and easy to deformation of the product.
  2. Air cooled, it is the effect of using the UV light box fan for cooling, due to the fan device is simple and easy to operate, so the air becomes the common choice of UV curing light, only under the condition of special needs will choose water cooling device. But far short of water, the effect of air cooling device, the temperature of the air cooling can be controlled only commonly between 50 and 70 degrees Celsius, while the water can be controlled at about 30 degrees Celsius. Therefore, in the case of air cooling combined with UV cold light effect will be better.

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