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How to better the operation of the UV curing equipment

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  The UV curing equipment how to better operate
  UV equipment electrical control system of the headquarters of the electric control cabinet is a complete set of equipment, the inside of the transformer, capacitor etc are indispensable important component. And some of the UV lamp setting function switch is mostly in the electric control on the ark, so the maintenance and use kind of electrical control cabinet is the key. The first Electric control cabinet are first placed in a clean little dust, temperature and humidity is moderate, must also have enough space cooling and maintenance. UV lamp luminous principle is gas discharge, gas lamps need difficult voltage when start and maintain. UV lamp power is less than 1 KWH, are matched by ballast trigger light work. When the UV lamp power is greater than 2 KWH UV light working voltage required is higher, generally above 1000 volts.
   control cabinet to UV light box attachment also with high pressure, is go underground wiring to dangling from the crowd or solid plate, to prevent long-term trample the risk of leakage or short circuit. The high tension line inside the box also want to periodically check, to see whether the hidden danger of damage such as will have to deal with or replacement. Because of the high tension line short circuit has harm to the person not only, still can make the condenser breakdown, even lead to transformer burn. And maintenance light box and the high tension line also must cut off power supply, prevent the happening of the accident. When using UV curing equipment do not frequently switch the UV lamp, temporarily shut down a half power way. So for tubes, transformers, thermostat, water temperature and the stop time in debugging good as far as possible don't change, had better have the specialist is responsible for, the continuity of the machine and the best performance is guaranteed.

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