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What is the uv light solid machine, uv equipment

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  What is the uv light solid machine, light solid machine, uv machine
  UV light solid machine is a single machine, CD printing production line with a machine in printing industry.

  Use strong ultraviolet radiation, instantaneous surface curing is a high and new technology developing rapidly in recent years, its unique radiation characteristics and the use of good performance, has caused attaches great importance to science and business. Our company provide you with the HT series UV light solid equipment, exquisite design, stable performance.

  With the increasing popularity of UV ink, UV light solid machine with its unique performance to meet the demand of the market now. Slope protection mould like printing cigarette case, wine packaging, grinding plate UV frosted ink, fast curing, sand feeling good.
  Used for offset printing all kinds of permeable base material, instant dry adhesion.

  Foam such as UV transparent ink, UV ink, UV gem mould UV ink, road tartar from ice ink is inseparable from the UV light solid machine, etc. Like CD UV light solid ink printing CD, don't destroy the disc. After curing light solid machine, good adhesion, low shrinkage rate, good wearability, bright colors, excellent adhesion between layer and layer.

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