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UV light solid mechanical and electrical source fault analys

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  UV light solid mechanical and electrical source and light solid lamp fault analysis
  The power machine without electricity:

  The cause of the problem is:

The solution
  1, not connected to the power supply - according to the wiring diagram, right through to the power supply.
  2, the device automatically cut off the power - the power does not turn on the light, for a long time since the start time to relay setting time, automatic shutdown.
  3, the power converter air switch trip - external air switch capacity should be greater than or equal to the switch capacity of the machine.

UV light solid lamp UV lamp automatic put out:
The cause of the problem and solving method

  1, air cooled enough - bad exhaust, cooling, the exhaust duct is not long, need to improve.
  2, more than life - uv lamp aging, replacement.
  3, the power supply voltage is too low or power supply lacks - to improve the voltage, the configuration stabilizer; Check the routes and switches, wiring again.
  4, heat transformer overheating protection switching transformer overheating - examinations and treatment.
  5, transformer damage of thermistor - change the thermistor.

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