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Portable UV light solid machine USES

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  Of the use of portable portable UV light solid machine, advantages and matters needing attention.

A, use

    Portable UV machine wide scope of application, it is suitable for all kinds of small material quality surface solidify, plate burning, photosensitive test, etc.

B, the characteristics of

  1. This machine is easy to use, adopt fission style (include power box and lamp box two parts), can arbitrary fixation place.
  2. Work AC220V power supply, low noise to save power.
  3. Use a small axial flow fan air cooling on the tubes.

C, technical parameters

  1. The lamp power: 1 kw length: 230 mm
  2. The axial flow fan: 22 w
  3. Power box size: 350 * 160 * 160 mm (length x width x height)
  4. Light box size: 330 * 160 * 160 mm (length x width x height)
  5. Working width: adjustable light level to solve
  6. 15 kg weight:

D, operations,

  After turning on the power supply, open the lamp switch after 1 minute, start the fan switch 2 to 3 minutes, turn off the light switch after work has stopped delay 3-5 minutes lamp can turn off the fan after cooling down. Creepage protection measures at the same time.

E, the matters needing attention

  1. The staff must match sunglasses, wear long sleeve clothes, to go the rubber gloves, forbid ultraviolet light irradiation directly to the skin, avoid long-term work of skin disease.
  2. Natural ventilation requirements work environment.
  3. Such as indoor work must assemble ventilator, ensure indoor air flow.

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