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UV light solid machine related functions and features

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   In fact, the general UV light solid machine is one of the UV curing equipment. It is primarily through a strong light of UV curing materials. Its internal structure is divided into five systems. Below to introduce the UV light solid machine related function characteristics:

◎、Low temperature, high energy and high intensity ultraviolet light;

◎、Conveyor belt stepless speed regulation, and the deviation prevention device, ensure transmit smooth.

◎、Each UV system control independently, in accordance with the production number of open lamp;

◎、Can effectively reduce the radiation surface temperature, make the product surface temperature below 40 ℃ (room temperature 18 ℃ - 24 ℃).

◎、Flat round dual-use uv light curing machine

   All kinds of uv machine for you to choose, can also be customized equipment.

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