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How to choose the reflector of the UV curing machine?

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    You know reflector in the UV curing machine occupies a very important position, it can not only improve efficiency, but also can save UV energy. So how to choose the UV curing machine reflector? The following talk to everyone.

  When choosing the material and shape of reflector to very pay attention to:

【 1 】, selection of material must be aluminum, not in order to save costs and choose iron or stainless steel, because of the stainless steel plate at high temperature becomes black, black after not reflective effect, still can absorb light. Reflective effect is best mirror aluminum oxide, the reflectivity can reach more than 80%, thus greatly improve the utilization rate of ultraviolet light.

【 2 】, but also pay attention to the choice of shape, because the shape of the shape of the reflector is to ensure that together to UV light, so choose best half arc shape. Also note that the UV lamp erect position, in order to make sure it in focus.

【 3 】, the reflector is an important channel of the UV lamp heat dissipation, so to cover the outside of the processed into aluminum radiator, increase the cooling area.

    Reflector has a very important role in the UV machine, it can not only ensure ultraviolet light energy utilization rate, increase the rate of curing light, but also the importance of the UV lamp cooling channel.
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