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Operating common UV light curing machine

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      Along with the development of the industry, UV light curing machine is very much more and more widely used in industry, to introduce how to operate under the general UV light curing machine. Generally speaking, the operation in accordance with the general UV light curing machine to boot, the following sequence of operations on the control panel of the switch:

1), press the power switch "NO" (on) to the machine internal power supply.
2), open transfer switch, fine-tuning knob to start the transfer system to achieve the required speed.
3) open the uv lamp, uv light curing machine, uv lamp that you were not at the same time open to wait, after reaching a lamp to open another one, until it is opened entirely.
4), after work, which in turn off UV lamp, UV lamp is turned off, air cooling system will continue to work, until it reaches the set time.
5), closed transmission system and finally turn off the power.

   In addition, it is worth noting that uv light curing machine, after each closed tube to be cooled to restart uv lamp.Above is the UV light curing machine operating common steps method, when used as reference to do, can prolong mechanical life.

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