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Printing is a green environmental protection in the future

时间:2016-04-20 16:07来源:sankun点击:

China's printing industry trends: printing is green environmental protection in the future

  Sankun in green technology printed color posters at the scene, the interest of the audience. Since the Copenhagen meeting printing carbon wake-up call, "green printing" came to be on the agenda, the personage inside course of study began from the concept of looking for new business opportunities. In the wenbo, can see the figure of "green printing" is all the more high-profile. In the press and publication of green printing area, more than a dozen green printing leader brought surprising "green printing". Vegetable ink, green ink such as soy ink appeared in succession, the magic of "no processing plate", not the printing process of water...

The insider called "future-oriented printing mode" in the wenbo find many business opportunities at the meeting. Today, reporters learned that, eight green printing vendors will collective contract, turnover of more than 458 million yuan.

Scene book attract people

  Printing industry has always been known as the paper high consumption and environmental pollution "contributor". In green printing area, but yesterday, three generations and printing equipment (shenzhen) co., LTD., set of printing machines are moved to the site, to the audience demonstrates prints from pre-press plate making to printing, and then to the whole process of finishing. According to the reporter, the scene did not smell the obvious. Three generations and prepress technical guidance Liu Duo tells a reporter, environmentally friendly printing can use environmental protection of paper, and the soluble non-toxic ecological ink, such as environment protection and for the emergence of soy ink has provided the possibility and feasibility of "green printing".

  According to shenzhen printing industry association deputy secretary Shao Pengju, shenzhen enterprise is in the early adoption of "green printing" technology, there are more and more printing enterprises adopt green ink, digital printing has also been promoted, and the widely application of the CTP technology also reduce waste emissions by more than 96%.

Personalization books into a hot spot

  In recent years, many printers are like sankun UV machine for green printing revolution. Due to the digital printing instead of offset printing, on-demand printing has been turned into reality. Reporter found at wenbo, personalized custom book is becoming a new hot spot, several "personalization book" exhibitors have mushroomed, some has a mature industry chain, the European market three or four years.

  In old printing enterprise stand the color digital printing co., LTD., shenzhen reporter unexpectedly see picture book called "eggplant" rainbow has a new online. Throw away is not easy to save the old photo albums, away from the hard disk in the disadvantage of digital photos are difficult to share, no photo album, through the online payment, three to four days, a book in the world only for a photo can express home.

  "Abroad, photo book has quite mature market." The elephant digital booth, customer service director song jiao told reporters that the United States printing market declined from $2000 in 6.2 billion to $2009 in 732 million, and digital printing image consumption has grown from $500 million to $14.8 billion. Song jiao's elephant digital 2009 received hundreds of thousands of copies of personal photo book custom. "The decline of a market, will be accompanied by the rise of another new industry." She to the prospect of China's "picture book" the market is full of confidence, and think it will bring a return of image reading habits.