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The UV curing machine which is good

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The UV curing machine which is good, what's good about in the furniture industry

  The UV curing machine just as its name implies is the UV curing machine, UV curing machine refers to the UV curing machine, the principle of it, that is, UV curing, UV is not the original sun produces Ultraviolet ray, but by UV lamp irradiation of Ultraviolet ray, this technology in industry is often referred to as UV, UV is English Ultraviolet Rays, namely the meaning of Ultraviolet light, in the industry known as Ultraviolet light.

  The UV curing machine application has a very wide range of industries, such as hardware, electronics, furniture, printing and so on.

  The advantages of the UV curing machine in the furniture industry: advantage is environmental protection, to long-term preservation is not decay, and keep the color. Furniture is known to all, it is assumed that a piece of wood tea table appearance is ordinary paint spray, we blow gently with your fingers, can appear nails scratches, such furniture appearance is not beautiful. But if we use a UV paint spraying, and then after UV curing processing and curing, so will appear this kind of scratch, of course, the answer is no, it can not only to avoid scratch, such as furniture, also can to the colour of furniture, even a, two hundred color is still the same.

   In the field of high-end furniture application, UV curing machine plays a very important role, also has a decisive role. Its environmental benefits, when we are faced with less and less of the forest resources at the same time, if we can use less a piece of wood, if we can damage to the environment. If this through UV curing furniture can use a few hundred, or longer, it is also can prevent the trees cut down, so the UV curing machine also take the protection of our planet.