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Domestic UV lamp market lasts hot

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Domestic UV lamp market lasts hot

  As we all know the UV curing machine is more and more widely applied in industry, the more application of UV lamp demand, the greater the big to the concept of an unimaginable, UV lamp belongs to UV consumable industry's top.

  Domestically produced UV lamp in about 600-1000 hours, import UV lamp life will have certain extension, calculated by the use time of 10 hours a day, a life in about 800 hours of light tube, using time in about 80 days. UV curing machine generally is at least a UV lamp, some even use several tubes, that would greatly increase the sales of the lamp.

  UV lamp market in China has been in explosive growth, more and more companies through the green environmental protection to enhance competitiveness, has prompted a hot market, three generations and to predict new UV process will be quick to replace the traditional process, the environmental protection industry to add a new oasis.