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Water-based UV coatings development standard

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Waterborne UV coatings development aspires to environmental protection and performance of double standards

  In coating industry gb the architecture of the system, the control of the VOC emissions more and more strict. For enterprises, the production workers on the production safety of the scope of the health and safety must also be taken into account. UV cure coatings and water-borne coating environmental protection also has always been considered as the mainstream of development direction. Compared with coating, UV curing coatings on the performance can meet the needs of chemical corrosion resistance, the film is more soft. But the viscosity is too large and active diluents irritation and toxicity in the environmental performance of discount. In contrast, water-based paint, although on the environmental performance is relatively good, but the appearance of the paint film is improved and hardness, etc. Therefore, combining the strengths of waterborne UV coatings has become a hot area of research these years.

  Waterborne UV coating compared with traditional UV cure coatings, has obvious advantages. Because water is applied to make thinner, more easy to adjust the rheological properties of coating, equipment is also easy to clean. On the coating way also more diversified, can use curtain coating, spraying, roller, etc. More important is to avoid the use of organic solvent, reduce the VOC and toxicity problems in construction.

  From a technical perspective, with water-based acrylic and polyurethane or the combination of alkyd resin can make waterborne UV coating on the substrate have good cohesiveness, and has certain flexibility, these features also widened the field for the application of waterborne UV coatings. In general, the current in the furniture wood coatings, plastic, lacquer, and printing ink began to get application and popularization.

  From the point of view of social economy, along with the people environmental protection consciousness enhancement, especially the policy of low carbon reduction and environmental protection is increasingly perfect, water-based paint and other environmental protection products for consumers in accept degree deepening, as waterborne UV coating in this area has the congenital advantage, will be more broad space for development in the future.

From the point of production cost analysis,
1. UV paint cost: 80 ~ 100 yuan, UV paint spraying quantity is about 100-130 g/m squared, UV paint meter 8 ~ 13 yuan/m squared;
2. Yield prediction analysis: get rid of primer capacity to contain, UV equipment running speed for 5 ~ 10 m/min, the calculation is based on the panel of the width of 600 mm, can produce 150 m squared, about an hour a day can produce 1200 m squared.
3. Artificial mechanical and electrical unit cost analysis: it is a conservative estimate of 600 m square meter per day, monthly production of 18000 m squared, click here to process the individual project operation, each person is mean monthly salary of 1000 yuan, artificial unit cost about 0.44 yuan/m squared.
4. Power consumption per unit cost analysis: machine power consumption of 40 kw/H, work eight hours a day, produced 600 m squared, iodine unit cost is about 0.5 / m squared;
5. . Machine investment cost analysis: involves the machine: a UV curing machine, a IR flow leveling machines, according to customer's product specifications different machine investment is about 7 ~ 110000 yuan.
6. Unit profits analysis: UV spray paint panel market for 180 ~ 250 / m squared, total cost is 100 ~ 130 yuan/m squared (to calculate the cost of the PU paint and plate), the unit profit of 80 ~ 120 yuan/m squared.

  UV spraying coatings development, contributed to the application in the field of UV curing coatings in more according to related statistics, with the improvement of industry production technology and the general consumer environmental protection consciousness enhancement, to the application of UV curing coatings have good environmental protection, fast curing, frictional resistance, chemical resistance, high hardness, etc is developing at an annual rate of more than 2 times. But, at the same time, to point out, from the current research and the product level, the UV coating is not perfect. It with general coating also exist some defects, because use water-based solvent, dry film energy and time consuming, not only for iron base material also has certain corrosion resistance. Especially in transport and storage to add antifreeze and preservatives and also makes the formula system is complicated. In general, 'has a director, "is also short. Water-based UV coatings in the future improvement still need to solve the problem of many technologize, but for coating development environmental protection requirements and properties of the unity of give attention to two or morethings is always our pursuit of a direction.