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The characteristics of the printing and UV curing process

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Analysis of the characteristics of the UV curing process printing

  To improve the UV printing process, the German Grafix UV system manufacturers to cooperate by visual (INX) ink company to jointly develop the UV curing technology. This process is to use a new technology of printing ink, break traditional UV ink and ordinary ink cannot be compatible difficulties, coupled with high power UV curing device to improve the quality of the UV ink curing, solve some problems in the UV printing, and reduce the threshold printers to enter in the field of special printing technology.

The characteristics of the UV curing process is as follows:

(1). Available generally germicides, and cleaning time is shorter, avoid the outage time is too long in the process of printing problems.

(2). Ordinary ink printing and curing time needed for conversion between printing ink and ordinary ink printing at the same time changing ink, and easy operation.

(3). Total curing ink in the printing ink balance tolerance is the same as the ordinary offset printing ink. So easy to control of the problems of ink emulsification, dirty version, printing quality
stability improved.

(4). Printing dot sharper than normal UV printing, printing ink membrane surface grain is exquisite, with transparent color effect.

(5). Total curing ink does not require expensive UV special rubber roller.

(6). Between ink dieyin excellent, just among a group of curing can strengthen the superimposition effect, reduce the hardware investment.

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