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UV light oil storage environment and use to dot matrix analy

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UV light oil storage environment and use to dot matrix analysis

When using UV equipment, the following eight problems should be paid attention to:

  1). The normal use of UV light oil temperature for 50 to 55 ℃, low temperature in winter when used for constant temperature waters for UV light oil heating cycle, make it meet the design using viscosity, viscosity that is conducive to UV light oil flow and fast curing.

  2). UV light oil after UV lamp irradiation area, the best temperature for 50 to 60 ℃, because in this temperature under UV light oil curing fast, strong adhesion after curing. That is to say, in Switzerland, under the UV lamp is not the lower the temperature, the better. Especially in the winter low temperature workshop, adhesion is not good, not good flowing property, the main reason caused a bottom is temperature curing effect is poor.

  3). UV equipment should be placed in the position of the sunshine can't direct illuminate to, or UV light oil will be under the action of the sun's ultraviolet curing on the applicator roll. If can't away from direct sunlight, blocking the sun's rays should also use the red and black curtain.

  4). Glazing shorn of UV light oil, will have been printed on the substrate of ink, UV light oil to the polishing machine, make the oil glazing with color, after filtration precipitation, still can continue to use the light oil.

  5). UV light oil in the light initiator, thinner skin has certain stimulative effect to people. So, in the polishing operation, the skin if encounter UV light oil, should immediately with soap and water to wash away, otherwise it may appear skin redness and swelling, sparkling.

  6. ) The use of UV light oil viscosity will vary, depending on the species of three generations and UV equipment according to choose the special oil glazing glazing machine models. If the UV light oil viscosity reach glazing machine required viscosity available thinner from sticky or with a thickening agent to add sticky. But this adjustment will lose UV light oil curing speed, brightness, and adhesion, etc., so, is not recommended to replace the right special glazing oil.

  7). Often cleaning shaft head should be paid attention to. Because the UV light oil flow into the red, UV equipment transmission shaft rotational part and stick on the drive shaft, at high temperatures affect transmission.

  8. ) The gold card paper, special substrates such as PFT according to their surface properties, choose special UV glazing oil. Refer to article 6.
  UV light oil in the correct storage environment is a conjunctival material, after UV light, such as sunlight, welding arc, UV light curing immediately after exposure. Commonly used in preparation of fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp lighting light source is not caused by UV light oil curing.

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