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UV reverse polish process

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Sankun UV equipment technology of UV reverse polish is analysed

  In China, the main substrates are absorbing UV printing materials. And in Europe and America region, printing manufacturers not only use in curing process printing with traditional UV ink printing quality, same quality and does not meet their only has a high gloss mirror effect or transparent effect, improved the technology further, in order to achieve a higher printing contrast. Therefore, developed a called "reverse polishing process" the early version of the but at that time, due to some details failed to solve, such as adhesion, so there is no real implementation. After several years of improvement, this technology has been mature gradually. The following is introduced using the technology of local glazing technology.

   Reverse polish (Pro - Cure) is compared with traditional local glazing. In the past, no matter use what kind of polishing method (flexographic printing, screen printing or gravure) local glazing, a final polishing process is bound to use local gloss printing, in order to realize the local images and high contrast effect, therefore, polishing and printing overprint precision becomes the key to polishing process.

    And reverse glazing technology break the law, make the alignment problem is solved, the process is as follows.

  On creation must first complete the regular printing, and determine the printing ink has been completely dry or curing; Then, will design draft on the attachment or offline way Gao Liangguang parts in offset printing on transparent reverse ink; Attachment again, in the full version in the printing surface coated UV light oil and curing.

  At this time, light oil and reverse polish ink contact area and cohesive response form small granular ink film, reverse polish area of mirror surface is formed.
  Obviously, the use of reverse polishing process, the same calendar will exist Gao Liangguang with non Gao Liangguang effect at the same time. Moreover, because the Gao Liangguang part is offset printing, overprint precision, also ensure the precision of part Gao Liangguang graphic.