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LED point light source and the traditional UV machine

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LED point light source and the traditional UV curing machine each has his strong point

  Shenzhen sankun technology co., LTD. Is a set research and development, production, sales, service as one of the UV ultraviolet environmental protection science and technology enterprises. Since it was founded in 2003, uphold the "integrity, focus, innovation" business philosophy, professional engaged in development and application of new environmental protection and energy saving UV equipment, after more than 10 years of unremitting efforts, now the LED UV light, UV equipment, roller coating machine, UV lamp, etc as main products, with a number of independent intellectual property rights, business by domestic market development in the field of the world, recognized by many international famous companies.

  So the products of the company and what is the difference between the traditional LAMP type light?

  ① Without preheating, instantaneous emit high-energy ultraviolet light

  Using the latest high-energy 365 nm uv LED, instant emit high-energy ultraviolet light, fast complete uv glue curing, greatly improve production efficiency.

  ②There is no heat radiation

  LED light-emitting devices peaks at 365 nm, the spectral distribution of 360 nm to 370 nm, no infrared light, so the surface of the product by illuminate no temperature increases, and the traditional LAMP type ultraviolet light machine generally make illumination products surface rises 60-90 ℃, make the product positioning of displacement, bad product.

  ③Reduce the material cost

  LED to the use of UV time generally can reach 25000-25000 hours, use cable output. Relative than traditional LAMP irradiation machine (2000 hours) life, frequent replacement bulbs, the electricity power is high, still need to ultraviolet optical output, leds - UV can reduce the cost of technological equipment for you, improve equipment utilization.

  ④Energy conservation and environmental protection

  Leds - 50 w UV power consumption, do not need to preheat the tubes, when using contains no toxic mercury. Compared with traditional LAMP irradiation machine power consumption hundreds of watts, even on the kw, when used to preheat for more than 10 minutes, tubes and mercury containing toxic substance, UVEC4 more in line with the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection.

  ⑤ Small volume design

  LED - the volume of the UV controller is about 1/8 of the traditional LAMP irradiation machine volume, the installation of equipment is more simple, reduce the occupied area of the scene of the production site. Irradiation head fully consider the space requirements of precision production, make the installation more convenient, another small radiation cooling fan is adopted in design, fully guaranteed LED long time exposure energy stability and service life.

  ⑥Have the illuminate of 4 or 12 independent control head

  Multi-channel independent head can be used to control exposure is applied to multiple need single-ended output independent station, effectively reduce equipment configuration, head can also be multiple exposure for on-line control at the same time, the illuminate of independent control at the same time, can meet the needs of the different process, the scheme of pedals make the operation more simple. At the same time our product has the direct output of the COM, more convenient and peripheral PC communication, through the distribution of software, realize the automation of production process, information processing.

  The illuminate of company head have different specifications, can be arbitrary collocation.

  In addition the company also new ultraviolet blood irradiation technology -----

  Pulse ultraviolet irradiation at low temperature system, this is a generated by high voltage pulse current stimulate xenon and uv lamp, different from the ordinary mercury lamp technology, Lamplic pulse ultraviolet technology has many advantages, without preheat fast reaction, low energy, flexible, convenient and no temperature rise, no additional cooling, wide spectrum, power stepless adjustable, safe environmental protection, etc., completely curing uv glue material and does not produce too much heat, such as adhesive, printing ink, coating, paint curing, etc. Ultraviolet pulse is suitable for flow operation and precise control, can in each curing process, release more adequate curing energy, higher production efficiency.

  The advantage of pulse irradiation system:

  1, do not contain mercury luminous technology, reduce the pollution of the environment

  2, USES the pulse way, than the traditional way for mercury lamp luminous energy saving 40-60%

  3, instantaneous high-energy ultraviolet, stronger ultraviolet rays penetrating

  4. No need to heat block system
  5, don't need the extra cooling system

  6, thermal radiation significantly reduce, eliminate thermal radiation effects on illumination products

  7, the coincidence of the elimination of halide reaction

  8, in milliseconds for irradiation time unit, make ultraviolet hardening control more precise

  9, can change the energy distribution of light wavelength, adapt to more applications

  10, 360 - degree comprehensive direction installation at random, meet more flexible process

  11, modular design, ease of integration into the production equipment

  12, fast curing, and improve the productivity

  13, lamp switch immediately without preheating

  Sankun technology at present, with dedicated employees and strong r&d capability, and in combination with many scientific research units, development and production of LED point light UV machine, UV curing equipment, UV lamp, roller coating machine, UV measuring instrument and so on products within the industry. In the military, scientific research, forensic, photovoltaic industry, hairdressing, health care, water treatment, vegetable processing and other fields has many applications, products and solutions to meet not only in the domestic market, and have been exported to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Singapore, Europe and other countries. Emphasis on technology research and development and investment, make three generations and 8 years continue to grow stronger, our aim is: rapid response to customer needs, provide customized products and point-to-point solution, help users to grow.

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