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UV ink become synonymous with environmental sustainable ink

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UV ink become synonymous with environmental sustainable ink

  Printed in People's Daily life has become the most common form of expression, but also more and more serious damage to the environment, how to meet the demand of people's life at the same time, better protect our common homeland, is now the major problem of human face, here to talk about why the UV printing ink will become the pronoun of environmental sustainable ink.

  UV (ultraviolet) curing ink is refers to under ultraviolet light, ultraviolet light from different wavelengths and energy to make ink monomer polymerization into polymers in the connection of material, make the ink film and drying of printing ink.

  They have gorgeous color (except for special cases), printing eligibility, suitable for the drying rate of curing and environmental performance. At the same time, good adhesion, and wear resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance and other characteristics.

  As the environmental protection laws and regulations, establishing and perfecting the market growing demand for environmental protection and sustainable ink. For the energy curing ink, food packaging is one of the most potential market. The us food and drug administration's latest food contact notification (FCN) 722, as has paved the way for the energy curing into the field of food packaging.

  From the point of environmental protection and sustainable ink types, send the International (Pira International) think is the fastest growth will be UV ink, it during 2009 to 2014, average annual compound growth rate will reach 7%, the size of the market will grow to 2 billion euros from 1.28 billion euros. Other can bring opportunities to printing enterprise areas include: shrink sleeve, type thermoplastic sheet-fed printing ink, printing ink, innovation point of sale display figure and glass decoration such as printing substrates and electronics, etc.

  According to the international latest research report shows, global environmental printing ink (environmentally friendly) the size of the market in 2009 reached $5.8 billion, and expected to reach $7.2 billion in 2014, an average annual compound growth rate of 4.5%.

  At present, the basis of environmental protection and sustainable ink may be relatively weak, but it must be in the future can bring raw material suppliers, equipment manufacturers and ink manufacturers precious development opportunities. Printing is working to the sustainable development of industry transformation, with both environmental and economic benefits of innovative products emerge in endlessly, solvent and oil base ink market is gradually replaced by the newly developed environmental protection product.

  Protect the common home of human is we should do our duty, shenzhen three kun technology co., LTD. Has been committed to the industrial environmental protection science and technology research and development, from beginning to end is committed to carry out on the full use of the UV ink, with the move, for the international environmental protection, to create a more beautiful home for the next generation.

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