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UV light solid machine coating and polishing process

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UV light solid machine coating and polishing process

  Color printing paper-plastic laminating make product surface is bright and clean as a mirror, after printing color printing design is more gorgeous color, luster, and care for the impregnation to ink, to strengthen the impregnation 1 small piece of paper or packaging, but also for packing and inner packing materials waterproof moisture-proof impregnation, especially for the coated on the cover of the book and write a log book or bill, can increase the resistance to fold the number of cover thousands of times.

  But also has shortcomings, paper-plastic laminating coating process is in the printing and packaging products recycling, this the plastic film is not easy to destroy, and not easy degradation, to think more and more people in the industry should be to skin deep coated gloss oil instead of paper-plastic laminating. In fact, the holding of the skin deep glazing coating process is thought to predate the paper-plastic laminating holding, but ChouXi polishing finishing time if printing before the end of the paper mill, now before the printing of paper coating, glazing, a little holding water-based polymer finishing agent And consumption becomes more and more big, the quality of the paper becomes more and more good, many low-grade coated light have a very good job, no longer glazing after printing and laminating, also can with many product application.

  But about printing glaze craft, today so far are the same small, to be sure it is convenient for paper recycling of disadvantage, but its drawback is self-evident. First is the glazing products increased impregnation and resistant to fold number and paper-plastic laminating products helpless; Second, glazing products for printing ink color of love, the moistureproof waterproof impregnation is not as good as resin coated products; Again, now the glazing oil product quality and price ratio is still unsatisfactory, waterborne glazing oil light up do not apply, inorganic solvent glazing oil pollution, UV glazing oil is not only the price, and there are differences in degree of the pollution problem.

  But personally, gloss oil on the basis of color printing packaging industry to vibration fatigue? Number the reason is that the beat out of step with the contrast of paper-plastic laminating products those shortcomings. Page in spite of this, many people in the same think glazing oil is one of great vitality and large market potential for products, its larger market is not in the books and periodicals, notebook cover printing field, but in the other commodity packaging and printing field. Because of many commodities packaging don't like books and notebook cover, need 1 fold, especially the differences between coherent low-standard products, waterborne glazing oil market or a big fight. Nothing more, improve product quality, low product price, make the glazing oil does not contain volatile organic poison is glazing oil product must defeat the three big problem.

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