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Print the cost accounting methods and matters needing attent

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Print the cost accounting methods and matters needing attention

Printing price includes the following sections:
1. The full price of paper used
2. Design,
3. The plate making fee (including film)
4. The proofing fee
5. Print version (PS)
6. Printed operating costs
7. After the processing fee

 1. The cost of the paper
Cost accounting: coefficient of sheet-fed * [paper Zhang Kechong / 100] * [paper / 10000 tons price]

    ◆Magnanimous paper: 1.06 (magnanimous paper fixed coefficient) by the paper Zhang Kechong / 100 x/paper / 10000 tons price = single record-keeping
Such as: 157 g magnanimous bond, if the local record-keeping is 7500 yuan/ton

   The unit price = 1.06 * 1.57 * 1.57 = 1.248 yuan
    ◆Paper is paper: 0.86 (positive degrees fixed coefficient) x the paper Zhang Kechong / 100 x/paper / 10000 tons price = single record-keeping
Such as: 157 g is degree of bond, if the local record-keeping is 7500 yuan/ton
The unit price = 0.86 * 1.57 * 1.57 = 1.01 yuan

    ◆Special specifications paper coefficient: fixed coefficient of 1.08850 880 x 1230 x 880 fixed coefficient is 1.
Total record-keeping = [(print/total number) + loss (printing waste)] x unit price

2. Design,

Printing industry relative design, advertising company is low. An abnormal phenomenon is now printing industry for business actually free design, this is not a normal phenomenon. Anyhow exist positioning design, different, regional difference, no longer tired.

3. The plate making fee
Plate making fee charge in three conditions: brochures, packaging, word class

    ◆Pictorial class: according to the P charge, that is, each single production price multiplied by the total page 16. I 100 yuan/P of the area.
    ◆Wrapper classes: basic charge according to the number of open. I area a three open packing production costs 400 yuan.
    ◆Text: according to the single page price multiplied by the total page number is, such as 15 yuan per page.
Plate making fee in addition to the above charge standard with difficulty, the increase in the number of charging is difficult. Of posters, such as: the supermarket has a lot of goods pictures, make more time-consuming, every four open 1200 yuan is normal.

    ◆Design company may contract out film, my area of film prices about: four open 65 yuan, 140 yuan (160 yuan) magnanimous folio.

4. After the film output proofing
  Now there are also many advertising companies and direct customers to save money to ignore the proofing of the link, it virtually increased pressure on prepress plate workers, also increases the risk, the relative error after the loss of the proofing fee is negligible.

 5. Print

  Ps version of the fee and the dimension of a printing machine used has a direct relationship. Four open ps version of around 25 yuan/each, split about ps40 yuan each, of course, including drying plate work fee.

  6. Printed operating costs
    ◆Printing work of accounting is calculated according to the single registering, namely single registering every single color, how much money. Such as: area a set of four I open every thousand 15 yuan, color printing folio 30 yuan, the color of the print work price 1.5 2 times the ordinary color. (color that is only suitable for split)
    ◆Printing at the same time made a single registering lowest price printed work, known as the boot fee, my four open area of the boot fee of 300 yuan, folio 700 yuan, 8, 200 yuan, I single-sided printing of the area and the image at the same boot fee.
    ◆Firstly according to the first step to calculate the printing price, and then compared to boot fee, if is greater than the boot fee is according to the price of the first step is ok, if less than the boot fee will be calculated according to the boot fee.
    ◎According to the above to calculate the single set of printing workers take the version of a cycle is always print jobs.
    ◎Such as: a set of four open from both the front and reverse printing 8000 printing industry: 8000 * * 15 8/1000 = 960 yuan or 300 yuan (boot fee) so the actual printing work is 960 yuan.

  7. After processing includes the following aspects:
Color printing parts:

   ◆Folding large number of different gap My area: 10000 16 open thirty percent folding of about 240 yuan
   ◆Effect of fee according to the square area light calculating my 0.35 yuan/square meters Matte 0.5 yuan/square meters
   ◆Saddle stitching Each about 0.05 0.1 yuan each (excluding thickness, saddle stitching are thin).
   ◆Lock line 40 yuan per make paper
   ◆Binding wireless binding is about 0.01 yuan/cable binding is about 0.02 yuan/pages
   ◆Paste bag, according to a plan, I area of about 0.25 yuan/a, button with the 0.3 yuan/a (including grinding and cutting fee)
   ◆Pasting box, press the square calculation, I area of about 1.3 yuan/per square meter (including grinding and cutting box).
   ◆Code, calculated by number of sheets, the machine is about 200 yuan, the number and print work.  
Convex, hot stamping, grinding cutting plate, 0.04 yuan per square centimeter (because of the difficulty is a greater difference between different in actual work, such as the simple quarto indentation version of 100 yuan, the knife line is close to expensive, curve is more expensive than the straight line of about 0.06 yuan/square centimeter, laser version of the more expensive, 0.25 yuan per square centimeter, a split costs about 1500 yuan)
    ◆Milling cutters is calculated on thousands of ticket fee, such as: I 1000 quarto 25 yuan per grinding and cutting of the area, 1000 to open 40 yuan per grinding and cutting
    ◆And the price of convex grind cutting the same
    ◆Hot stamping is according to the actual hot stamping area, my area: 5 yuan/square meter or 5 milli disagree/cm2.
    ◆Glazing: divided into print gloss oil, calculated according to the printing color printing work
    ◆UV glazing, polishing price as calculated on square, I area of about 0.4 yuan/square meters
    ◆Alcohol and senior gift of sanded, ice etc basic price calculated according to square.