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Gold and silver cardboard cigarette label printing color con

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The UV equipment introduction to gold and silver cardboard cigarette label printing color control

  There are many different kinds of the current domestic market of cigarette label, different paper with different ink, combined with different printing process, then print out different cigarette packs. The offset printing process in gold and silver cardboard printing UV ink is relatively common.

  Because of the gold and silver cardboard surface laser metallic luster, color is not easy to control in the process of printing. How to ensure the same batch of cigarette label, and different batches of cigarette label designed consistent, every is a difficulty of the printing company.

  1, the smoke detection environment control

  (1) the light source
  Light is the precondition of observing color, light quality directly affect the visual sense of color. Cigarette label to reflect the sample, according to the international commission on illumination (CIE) regulation, should use standard illuminant D65 and correlated color temperature of 6504 k, the sunlight illumination uniformity of 80% or higher, light source color rendering index Ra 90 or higher.

  (2) environmental requirements
  Test environment requires no dust, the temperature is 20 ~ 25 ℃, humidity 50% ~ 60%.

  2, ink layer thickness control

  Ink layer thickness is attached to the paper on the surface of the average on the ink layer in the direction perpendicular to the paper thickness. Ink layer thickness is one of the important factors affecting cigarette label hue, now the printing companies control the ink layer thickness is the main means of the field density test, the relative contrast value (K value).
The calculating formula of the relative contrast value (K value) :
K = (DS - DT)/DS
Among them: DS for field density values
DT integral density value is 75% or 80% branch
In printing conditions under the condition of constant, field density is the single value function of ink layer thickness, therefore, by measuring the relative contrast value maximum field density can determine the best ink layer thickness.

       3, the control of paper and ink

  Gold and silver cardboard surface is very smooth, and has strong laser metallic luster, when light produce strong specular reflection. Therefore, color on the surface of the cigarette label will change as the change of the viewing Angle.
Gold and silver cardboard cigarette label printing with UV ink, UV ink, particle size and transparency, viscosity, adhesion, etc have large effects on hue. Ink properties of different manufacturer production, therefore, also different, even if the same manufacturer in different production date of the production of ink will also differ in color, viscosity, etc.
Accordingly, when cigarette label printing paper, ink, should grasp the following principles: the use of a batch of cigarette label manufacturer chooses as far as possible the same in the same production date of the same paper and ink.

  4, establish a reasonable standard of color difference testing standards

  Due to various factors, the smoke of gold and silver cardboard label printing hue fluctuation is inevitable, how to ensure the printing color and the consistency between the standard color samples, and how to guarantee the stability of the mass production printing is a printing enterprise must face the problem. Determine the color difference detection standards can effectively solve the problem.

  At present, most of the cigarette factory will choose the standard sample from proofing products, directly to specify a color difference detection standards, require printing company in accordance with this standard. At this point, the printing company, the company should be adjusting the brightness of the photo detector and cigarette factory the brightness of the photo detector, ensure consistency of instrument testing color difference. In addition, the printing company should according to own actual situation, based on color difference detection standard, determine the scope of the color difference of fluctuating.