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Tobacco packing special ink technology is analysed

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Tobacco packing special ink technology is analysed
  Tobacco online according to the tobacco industry communication ink has played a more and more important role in tobacco packaging, provides a promotional packing cigarette maker of special effects and brand protection.
  "Tobacco companies increasingly rely on ink to create packaging, in order to attract consumers' attention," the sun chemical company (TheSunChemicalGroup) international tobacco to better center director manager UrsSchlatter said. "The design of the special effects, more complex, and other performance, including stamping and hot foil applications use. Even the UV varnish got more frequently used than light paint."
  "The sun chemical companies to provide a truly unique value is that it can supply used in brand sales all packaging components needed for ink and coating," said the vice President of business development BobLorenz. Here include drawstring, article, cypress paper, filter rods hologram label, box, flip, interpolation, offset printing and lined with foil paper, and even corrugated paper box. It provides the tobacco companies, he said, "'," because taste, smell, and other concerns are in the formula of the sun chemical company.

    Promotion packaging

    Along with the market development and advertising restrictions becomes more strict, special packaging is increasing for market promotion.

  "We clearly see a more promotion in the short-term, the development trend of packaging and to take advantage of a certain market conditions and speed to market," Schlatter said. "These promotional packaging usually many special effects, they are often associated with the activities of the target location or distribution."
  He said, a example is using UV varnish. These packaging due to the fluorescence of varnish and di in bars, places such as sales.
  He said, the market is developing more sophisticated packaging shape, the shape is very difficult to make, or need to make by hand. "It shows that the tobacco companies to provide creative packaging, there is almost no limit to" Schlatter said.
  Special and large increase in promotional packaging have led to more restrictive to printing and advertising. With the increase of demand for special packaging, the market demand for special ink also increased.
  "It adds to the packaging advertising of the significance of the brand, and made of metal, pearl, and multicolor type special ink to increase significantly. These ink is replacing standard or fixed color is water," Schlatter said.
  Schlatter said the challenge is to develop these new packing many existing printer not enough devices to satisfy the brand color, coating and four color process ink the increase of the suite. "The trend of producing more creative effect brand adds to the problem, because such brands requirements on the printer have more printing device." But the sun chemical corporation through their own electronic color group also provide inkjet technology, so that the wrong printing process to make a lot of capital investment under the condition of economic increase in color or effect.
  It can be used for short-term box production, a low number of brands, strapping and price sensitive packaging. Some tobacco companies are considering outside the printing film wrapped with inkjet printing price tag. It makes sense for tobacco companies, because in some areas the government exert different tax rates, or the market force promotions, affect the price tag number and place of origin.
  And he said, is another kind of factors that affect the ink is a new generation of the development of a high-speed printers. Its effect on ink and drying speed requirements are put forward.
  "The sun chemical company work closely with tobacco companies and transformation, in order to enhance the appearance of the product and its packaging, tobacco" Schlatter said. "If you want to be truly strengthen tobacco products or packaging prominent effect, close coordination with the need to ensure that all special effects, in order to achieve ideal result of professional skills."

Brand protection

    Ink can also be used for all kinds of rubber seals of brand safety protection.

  "Tobacco companies also found brand protection is not an easy job, because some of the control mode may soon be phony. Everyone is aware of a variety of security measures - YinBiXing and exposed type - is needed, and they must be made a lot of distinguishing and strengthening plan to support," the sun chemical safety JamesReiman said, director of the company's sales.
  He said, fake the problem is not only a loss of income. "Over the years, some tobacco companies have developed a large number of brand value, they need to protect. Some products with poor quality or packaging of counterfeit cigarettes or cigars of abandoned a brand sales could lead to a customer. If a stain packaging or smell, it may also bring to the tobacco companies law responsibility."
  Reiman said, packaging material supplier, conversion, and high technology business is accelerating development of protective measures, but the scope of application is usually limited. As a result, they are unable to provide a complete solution. , 'he said with a in order to create a truly practicable comprehensive solution and combining with the packing elements of ink particles and protect the company advantage to cooperate. Protection of particles is included in the digital ink particles, it can be used to track the source of the product.
  Reiman said, protection function to apply visual or other effects through the use of ink and be included in the original packaging, outside the box and the design of bales. By using these methods, the tobacco companies to track their products, confirmed that distinguishing, and use cannot be remade brand recognition function, and prevent the infringement of its products.