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Beer labels and flexo printing technology development trend

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Beer labels and flexo printing technology development trend

    Flexo machine is with the, advantages and disadvantages, the personage inside course of study for this debate in recent years, in the flexo printing machine the user to carry on the analysis of the investigation found that the unit type flexo machine including import and MTK, currently occupy important position in the beer label printing, and the proportion of flexible printing in the expanded year by year, flexo printing machine users beer labels have achieved good economic benefits.

    This kind of situation first, from the use of flexo printing quality beer to get certificate. Current production volume at the top of the beer industry several large beer group, such as Qingdao beer group, yanjing beer group, huarun beer group had some beer labels by flexo machine. And some size slightly inferior breweries, including solely invested enterprise, such as Shanghai suntory ", "force", fujian's "HuiQuan", "qianjiang" in zhejiang province, heilongjiang's "new samsung" and "force" in hainan province, lanzhou "Yellow River" and so on, its beer label by the proportion of flexo printing machine is very big, the individual is all by the flexo printing machine.

    In addition, from the processing of beer label in recent years flexo machine sales go to analysis. The original purchase flexo machine product positioning is the other packaging products, such as cigarette packets, and to place large orders of beer label, this example is a social printing plant. Also some printing beer label printing factories in the past by other way, and then turned to flexo machine (technical), this example is given to both the brewery's printing plant, there is also a social independent presses. Flexo printing machine, of course, also have subscribed by the label company specializing in the production of beer. Beer labels printed at the same time, flexo machine machine or the national average.

    Can't help asking, why flexo machine to be able to successfully applied in beer label industry? We believe that this is because in the processing of beer labels, flexo machine has made full play to the advantages of. Tell commonly, beer label using paper is almost 70 ~ 70 grams of coated paper or vacuum aluminum paper, now this kind of paper is easy to buy materials, performance quality is not enough. Beer label in color piece (field) and the line text version of the majority, in addition to the individual high network cable, highlights, or out of print, flexo printing machine has the certain difficulty, can say the vast majority of beer label is fit for flexographic printing, at the same time, general beer label quantity is relatively large, 12 million cover a small order, can fully meet the personage inside course of study demonstrated the past say "flexo printing the required amount. Beer label when use some special requirements such as prevent become warped, dry friction resistance, resistance to wet rubbing, resistance to water and alkaline solution, etc., in the flexo printing machine can be implemented easily.

    Flexo printing machine has the following advantages:

    Flexible printing is mainly composed of anilox roller ink, ink layer thickness is provided by the anilox roll line and load the ink quantity to decide, so flexo and gravure has the advantages of a common, is the ability to color difference control to a minimum. Flexo printing machine the user is the consensus of feelings, as long as the ink formula is changeless, boot speed is constant, the print ink can be basic consistent.

    Flexographic printing office use of ink, quick dry type is mainly low viscosity of water-based ink, printing can be firmly on the coated paper and vacuum spray al paper. Combined with general flexo printing machine equipped with flip back (can be used for coating), UV glazing, cutting, cutting attachment even die cutting, so that flexo machine to 100 mm/min speed at once get beer labels or just die cutting of the semi-finished goods, high efficiency and stable quality.

    Use water-based ink and USES the low line number and spot color printing, roller printing gold and silver ink, in particular, the effect is far better than the offset printing, flexographic system in recent years, Internet version of the technology developing rapidly, especially in the digital direct plate-making, making flexo printing screen quality significantly improved. 175 line/inch under 2% ~ 95% of network has become possible. It is worth mentioning some recent flexo printing machine is different from previous 6 or 7 + 1 + 1 form, and use multiple UV curing unit and even the whole UV flexo machine, so you can get more beautifully cable products. After curing the UV printing quality more easily through various performance tests. Recommend flexo machine user might as well have a try in high-grade beer label printing.

      In the past, people often complain about the high cost of flexographic plate making, but with the increase of domestic plate-making company quantity, plate-making level more and more high, prices are lower, more considerate service. Compared with the gravure plate-making, flexographic plate-making costs slightly low, the production cycle is short and convenient transportation, makes the flexible printing more flexibility than a gravure. A further advantage of flexible printing, the use of water-based ink and UV ink non-toxic pollution-free, safe, non-flammable, more can guarantee the operation of the production workshop staff have a good working environment.

  Believe that the advantages of flexible printing in the beer label industry will be further play, and believes that flexible printing in China will have a more broad prospects.