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Printing and environmental protection is the biggest challen

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Printing and environmental protection of the biggest challenges today is what

    A, environmental protection concept has since ancient times today asked eagerly

    Modernization of people today, in the life without water, electricity, car to the elevator, air conditioning and so on, before we seem to think that as long as the "rich" you can get more resources and energy, better and more beautiful. But in 2006-07 year since the turn of the winter and spring, the climate change the world, in Moscow January average temperature is 5 degrees below zero, there are 10 degrees this year, ice sculpture exhibition held every year in the north, and all over the world this year but not enough snow is available, these are great alarm. One thousand continued global warming, the polar ice melting in great quantities, not only many coral islands of Oceania and sank to the sea level, the world will also have a lot of land, urban bathygenic sea or produce equally river mouth epidemic area. Human extensive use of oil, coal and other energy, forest area and producing oxygen, positive development, set on a farm with Ken and planted so produced carbon dioxide in the extensive use of energy, by the energy of the earth convert carbon dioxide into oxygen become insufficient, and the effects of global warming. A few years ago the Kyoto protocol, in the hope that all the advanced industrial countries, developing countries to the joint efforts of the newly developed countries under the existing carbon dioxide emissions every year benchmark decrease year by year, energy efficiency, and improve the use of renewable and alternative energy sources, the phenomenon of global warming is to gradually break down, especially upstream of printing paper should realize low consumption, low pollution and resource regeneration, and the importance of recycling.

  The rabbit don't eat a nest side grass is a kind of survival environment, the ancient tree will seek after thinning, the Yu Linmu can grow a better way to cut down. China during the cultural revolution to firewood, and the forest trees cut down the room, then uneven and drought event. Japan's state of close no forty years history, wood, wood pulp, and all the way to import furniture, can make the mountains FengSheng alleviate, reduce landslides and floods. Also stipulates in the big island of honshu, cannot set pulp mill and grinding wood bring the pollution of chemical pulp, only know since ancient times people together in peace and harmony with the natural environment, to get god's blessing. India has a red brick castle, because take tree cut out when the firewood, brick construction for more than one hundred years the earth desertification phenomenon, when a large number of breeding cattle and sheep, is available to take hair, drink milk, eat meat, and more interest, makes China's dust storms occurred more and more frequent, also more and more widely. Japan Osaka tian ink new island, general manager of the company in Taiwan, from voluntary retirement to China's Inner Mongolia desert land to bury a straw, wind plant, to combat the growing desertification phenomenon, this spirit of yu gong yi shan is admirable.

    B, paper industry, environmental protection and energy saving is the biggest subject

   Maybe by CAI lun in fundamental unexpectedly, he has to improve the development of paper products in addition to writing, more a large number of used in printing and packaging, more never expect today have a little baby, the diaper cost than money to buy milk powder. Many people who don't understand, all the print of the paper, would be to cut down a large "virgin forest", and destroy the natural ecological behavior on the equal sign. It is like to eat a piece of pork, the mountain will be less a "boar", but today's livestock production are artificial breeding breeding, and wild animals pull not top relation, the same today, manufacturing of pulp wood, rice and wheat stem to maize, sorghum stalk are artificial plant plants. And the forest plants has been planned, cultivating to harvest, because if not ready to make paper pulp of woody plants, herbs, raw materials, the paper industry will be difficult to sustainable operation. Use recycled paper pulp in paper industry Taiwan today more than 70%, in addition to the local recycling, have a large number of imports, but now waste paper prices, a sharp drop in imports of waste paper, so domestic waste paper recovery rate around 80%, this proof printing and paper recycling ratio is high, is not only environmental protection but also for disposal stress can be greatly reduced, from Taiwan under the environmental protection agency (epa) plastic limit, incineration of garbage a day reduces about 40%, can be proven. How to make the waste paper classification, including newsprint, propaganda and cultural paper, kraft paper, paperboard and corrugated paper and so on, this will make it easier for recycling, the cost is lower, not only reduce post-processing space and manpower, also make recycled pulp production more efficient, as milk carton packing small roof type, is to use the first white bleached kraft pulp manufacturing, if can conveniently clean after use, so recycling more convenient, also can use a renewable pulp in the higher quality packing paper manufacturing.

  If the printing paper cutting paper edge and print lace paper, glazing, film difficult to recycle paper edge, classify do packaging, let the paper factory free of deinking, deinking and special processing recycling easier to prepare, to reduce the proportion of abandon, improve the recycled pulp waste source. Someone said that the energy and water consumption make a paper cup, made a plastic cup cost more than a lot, but the paper is recycled materials, and one thousand incineration or landfill disposal is very easy, but the plastic cup is unable to renewable sources of petrochemicals, and post-processing incineration or landfill is nerve-racking. So now only biodegradable by carbohydrate polymerization from plant raw materials of plastic material, to solved the problem of decomposition of the incineration and landfill.
    Before making a ton of paper takes one hundred tons of water, only 10 tons of today, not just white water recovery, even contains fiber, filler are recycled, the future will into the paper and consumed fewer than five tons of water per ton for the goal. As to produce "blackwater" boiled pulp bleaching, with water produces a large number of emission pollution, the earliest of the blackwater now is the resin separation, enrichment, lignin, grease, etc, the formation of thick burnable boiler liquid fuels, such as recycling at a higher level, actually useful natural raw materials such as resin, resin separation, and then refined into a commercial product, packing, cement to drugs are also possible, if blindly to combustion process, less by-product more additional value. Before the paper machine is open, steam heat loss is big, we use partition way, staff not only comfortable, less energy dissipation, paper car central and two end temperature is more even. Steam electric symbiosis, first by using steam cooking for the first time in high temperature and high pressure driving turbine power generation, for the use of paper, processing equipment, then after use of relatively low temperature steam, for the use of paper machine dryer, one stone three birds with electricity and steam used twice, or even excess power to electric power company, this is a profitable set of energy supply system, and can independently provide more power, more afraid of blackout. Is long paper bamboo north factory, using two 1650 kw wind turbine to generate electricity, are unable to supply energy, but to the bamboo wind LanYu wind environment, to capture the most clean energy, in the future when can further progress, improve the efficiency of natural pollution-free wind power.

    C, printing of environmental protection and energy saving transformation

   Before printing and plate making industry, there is no any environmental protection idea, fixing, corrosion, electroplating acid containing heavy metal silver liquid pour into the ditch. Nearly ten years under the governments advocated and legislation, a sharp rise in the printing and plate making industry for environmental protection, waste reduction results. If the CTP plate making to avoid washing way, then it can reduce the whole prepress repeated use of negatives, stampings, and flat gravure process of a large number of pollution, and at the end of the tube must invest a lot of equipment and money. And fixing bath though metallic silver plating available way is completely recovery, but such as potassium manganate precipitation stripping liquid in chemical reaction, as a solid waste disposal of mud cake toxicity is still high. Now using digital CTP plate can remove most of the pollution in the process, only at the end of the tube plate washing waste liquid treatment, free of chemical treatment of glue to further unless plating layer as sensible heat to air, the last is no rinse CTP plate, the thermal and violet light on both sides of the technology is also gradually mature, make prepress plate in an office environment also can produce.

  In zhang Ye Ping printing machine, four-color machine use greatly reduced use of monochrome machine, two-color machine printing color needs cleaning ink work many times, but only need to take a bath once a week to ink group. Use of alcohol wet system can greatly reduce the wetting liquid surface tension, and then make the print more exquisite, printing more easy to control, but also derived pressroom IPA evaporation air pollution problems, has been significantly improved, only 1.5 ~ 3% of IPA and large proportion of additive, some printing machine does not use IPA tank additive on the work environment more favorable, only use contain soy mimeograph ink, reduce the VOC content of organic solvents in the ink, using UV ink, without powder pollution of the environment. Now popular a double-sided printing zhang Ye Ping printing machine, can reduce the rubber cloth cleaning, due to the double face printing are feeding done at the same time, no powder spraying fouling problems. Adopt the centralized power supply, gas supply, power supply, water supply and the UV light source can reduce the spread of the thermal pollution, and can reduce the noise. Printing machine printing speed faster, not only the machinery itself more noise, paper and printing ink detachment or transmission, and also can produce quite on the operation of the noise, so the printing machine room window sound insulation, vacuum type double glass Windows, blocking noise leaked, press room wall of sound insulation, sound-absorbing, sound-absorbing board hanging, is also an effective method to prevent noise.

  Many commercial offset presses, such as printing unit, origami part noisy place, with a sound insulation board cut off the noise, reduce indoor arising from the performance of high speed high decibel noise, sometimes do the opposite, the staff work station into a small sound insulation interior work, reduce the personnel from the danger of noise, or wear ear plugs, ear models earmuffs, are also ways to reduce personnel hearing loss. Commercial rotary printing machine green soybean mimeograph ink, ink can also be used for rapid drying of drying system in the role of its, make commercial offset presses ink evaporation from a large number of VOC organic solvent, with platinum catalytic converters, the fire do secondary combustion make VOC into minimal pollution mainly carbon dioxide emissions.
    In trademark printing use UV drying inks and UV drying system, the ozone O3 pollution sources is what happens to UV light, can irritate the eye and facial features mucous membrane, so no matter the lithograph machine, marking machine, polishing, such as UV lamps and lanterns of letterpress ozone concentration and emissions is use your heart. Without using a water-based ink solvent is a great ideal, flexo, gravure but gravure plate with corrosion type, the ink point was the same depth, more suitable for big cohesion water-based printing, can be easy to transfer to the paper or plastic, and carving gravure ink type hole show v-shaped recesses, using cohesion solvent ink is easy to pass in and out of the smaller, but for water-based ink its transfer of ink is not ideal, so a compromise is to use IPA isopropyl alcohol extract containing solvents, to the environment pollution is lighter than oily solvent. So if flexo can improve dot fidelity to improve printing quality is priority, and the ability in advanced plastic printing and gravure. Waterborne UV ink also has a trend to more green than the UV printing ink, screen printing are also the solvent-based inks, haul work more efficient, more not plug mesh of UV ink development.

    The future of the development of more dye printing, are now using nanometer grade paint, significantly improve the thermal curing temperature and ink consumption. Inkjet, except for outdoor use solvent ink jet current in plastic or other do not absorb surface, altered course environmental protection development of IPA solvent, UV ink, water-based ink, and other are all very friendly to the environment. HPIndigo electronic ink is special ink, transfer to the print media to natural drying immediately, it is very environmental protection way of printing, so the future version of variable information of digital print, can be produced in an office environment, less pollution and waste is produced.

    D, waste reduction, reuse and recycle

    Modern printing machine using digital control, the remote control can do precise data, reduce the overprint para a few times, not only save time, save more shift to adjust scrap happen, if the same artifacts, memory size may also do same position adjustment, can significantly reduce the school edition of waste, especially using CIP3 / CIP4 from prepress printing grain distribution information, make the ink key opening, on the flat printing color correction can be reduced by 3 ~ 5 times of adjustment, the formal printing also more stable, role in waste reduction contribution is very important. Now zhang Ye Ping printing machine use roll paper cut sheet feeding way, though they can't do in printed paper about size cutting adjustment, but can be done on before and after the bite very flexible size change, many people think a shorter paper province were 5%, 10% effect is very big, in fact, in turn, to more than 10 mm benefit is larger, if 545 x 787 mm folio, need 555 x 787 mm paper, in order to drum for the paper to save at least 28% that was surprising, because the version from the hexagon split again a bit bigger, it must change A1635 x 888 mm paper the cost more, so this before printing in the free cutting size not only waste reduction benefit is big, can create considerable interests more, especially senior coated paper is more significant. And PS version of recycled and used, the regeneration of lubricating oil in addition to the dirty, fixing bath to silver, and materials, and regular replacement drug, oil, reduce oxidation and foreign body with removal of filtration, extend the range 1 to 3 ~ 4 times the service life of equipment, and maintain a better work environment, avoid facing material inferior before the change of poor quality, and has the operating conditions.

   Paper mostly with two identical surface, within the scope of available to homogeneous testing-run edition correction, color correction on the back of the paper, is a recycle, but close to two Zhang Zhenzhi electric eye, use mechanical or ultrasound examination. Common printing paper edge paper must classification, Japan sunglow factory assigned to more than six, the last not renewable rubber cutting book paper cuttings, concentrated when fuel for heat recovery.

  Printing machine manufacturing factory cutting waste in recycling of waste, is divided into 15, small six classes, in copper, aluminum, cast iron, steel, etc., detailed classification of one hundred percent recycled. So white paper cutting edge is primary, secondary, tertiary, printing color paper edge coating, coating, polishing, stick film or cutting edge trimming also careful classification, as a model of zero waste. Japan's oji senior coating made from 100% recycled paper recycled paper, also depend on a system of waste paper recycling can do it. Future resources increasingly scarce, reduction of waste Reuse the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle it is important to the 3 r regeneration Recycle resources use environmental protection principles.
E, there is only one earth

    At the same time with a young man was watching a fresh hundreds of pages of the book CD compressed files, then ask he was wont to read the book CD on the computer screen? One can see how many pages? He said the best browsing! Half a page has more than one thousand words only look pretty tired, really want to see or will print down to see printed content. In gray is not clear and bright, crystal screen with color display to see black and white text content is difficult, in the world of Chinese characters is even more frustrating, this is the print space of survival, because people like to stable and comfortable printed media. All over the world in the expansion of resources and energy consumption at the same time, a few wave under the raw materials, crude oil and coal prices, coupled with the natural environment becomes worse, we are also deeply realized the importance of industrial environmental protection and sustainable development, how to make the printing, packaging, more in line with the requirements of environmental protection, not only reduce time, material and energy consumption, more to the recycling of resources. A us to have a holiday, weekend weighs 2 ~ 3 kg and one hundred pages of newspapers, if delivery boy throw down above the dog. So today the largest item is shipped from the United States to China waste paper, large number of goods to the United States and China packaging cardboard, corrugated paper and printing paper, the fiber has a high proportion is made of the waste paper recycled paper, very accord with environmental protection requirements, but the United States has not signed the Kyoto protocol, efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions on the global leave a gap, we acknowledge there is only one earth, the paper industry in Taiwan also practice spirit of the Kyoto protocol on carbon dioxide emissions reduction efforts, in response to global environmental protection requirements.